Infernal (ENG)

When Glowy has gone missing, Yin and his friends must find out what happened. (DA, Advarsel, sproget er groft. ENG, Warning, language is strong.) SHINY IS COPYRIGHT 0SHINYEEVEE0 ON DEVIANTART


2. Missing

"Oh, fuck!" Luna shouted, while she rushed over to Yin's room. She knocked quietly on his door, no answer she knocked harder "GOD DAMMIT! How hard can that guy SLEEP!" Luna angrily said, but she lost her pacience and knocked the door down"FUCK! Luna what's wrong!?!?!" Yin shouted "Glowy has gone missing!" Yin and Luna then rushed over to Glowy's room only to find that what Luna said was true, but suddenly Luna had an idea "I have a friend with the life mark of blood and hunt!" Yin was confused "How should THAT help?" he asked. "The hunter mark can track OTHER bleezes!" Luna said, Yin wasn't confused anymore. -THE FOLLOWING DAY- Yin and Luna had then found friends to help them they found - Yang, Glaciee, Neko, Spiky- "Hey Luna where's the hunter?" Yin asked "Right here, and the name is SHINY!" The hun... erm Shiny said "Hey bro when are we doing somethin else than talking?" Yang asked Yin "When Adam arrives!" Yin answered stressed "I'm already here!" Adam said when he arrived "Oh great, a diva T.T'" Glaciee said, Neko laughed "HA, your as much a bitch as he is!" "Well if thats true he must be a REAL gentle man" Glaciee answered honoring herself "..." Neko could'nt answer that "Time to be sereous guys!" Yang said "Yang is (For the first time) right!" Yin said

"Well we can take off now, i have the star ready!" Adam exclaimed "WTF, is that a warp star?" Neko laughed " why?" Adam answered embarrased "WTF omg, ur a Kirby xD!" Neko grinned "NO I AINT, only half....." Adam said embarrased "lol" Neko laughed "MY GOD, We need to find our missing friend and your acting retarded!" Glaciee said angrily "She's right! Kirby or not let's go!" Luna said exited, and so the star turned into a space ship "*cough* Kirby *cough" Neko wispered, and so they entered. -1 HOUR LATER- The space ship began shaking "EARTHQUAKE" Yang shouted "Were in the air, DUMBASS!" Shiny said "oh..... AIRQUAKE!!!!!" He then screamed "It's neither of those things its....!!" Luna was interupted by fear when a chii bleez appeared "SIN MY SISTER" Luna screamed terrified, she was afraid of Sin and her brother Punishment, before she was one of the siblings as Misery, but she reminded them of thier mother who banished their dad from their planet. "well im not going to pani..." Glaciee was interrupted by an attack from Sin "MY HAIR!, OH YOUR GETTING IT NOW!!" Glaciee shouted and went on the roof and smashed Sin with her ice sword, then she went down again "easy, peasy" she said while calming down

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