Infernal (ENG)

When Glowy has gone missing, Yin and his friends must find out what happened. (DA, Advarsel, sproget er groft. ENG, Warning, language is strong.) SHINY IS COPYRIGHT 0SHINYEEVEE0 ON DEVIANTART


3. Max

"Uh oh... " Spiky mumbled in a worried tone. Yin turned his head around in annoyance,'What the hell now?' he thought in anger, nothing should turn out bad on this mission! "We're getting some turbulence! We need to land, or the ship will crash!" Adam turned to Yin, after he had looked at Spiky, who was looking at the weather. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO LAND, WE'RE IN THE FRIGGEN MOUNTAINS!" Yin shouted angrily at them, as Yang was about to shout at his brother to stop being so mean to them, Glaciee took him down. "Yang dear, he's having a shitty day! Just calm down...." She wispered to him, and turned to Yin. "And you sir, should get some sleep, while me and Adam take care of this!" She shouted to the tired bleez. "Yea..." He replied dazly. She was suprised, he normally didn't calm down this easily, 'He must be really tired!' She exclaimed in her thoughts, as she just turned back to Adam and Spiky. "I see some land, but it's a desert!" Adam mumbled, as he pinched his eyes together to get a view of the landscape. "Land there anyways mate! I know where we are!" Spiky shouted, in his energetic australian accent.


"Well, where are we bro?" Neko's thick country accent asked with a chuckle. "Planet Earth, Sahara sis!" He just chuckled back. "Ugh, what are we doin' here!" Shiiny shouted at the back of the ship. A sudden crash sounded, and the ship had crushed into a small hut. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Shiny screamed, and saw the bleez inside the hut, she was purple, her life mark was a skull, and besides her was a white bleez, with no mark. "Ohai Max!" Spiky shouted down at them, and the others who was just calming down after the crash, looked akwarldy at him. "Hey Spikes! Crashed another ship?" The bleez called back. "Yea, can you fix it?" Spiky shouted back at the bleez. "I'm already done!" He shouted. "kthnx!" Spiky shouted and flew the spaceship away, the others still needed time to focus on what just happened.


"Oooookay, that was akward." A unknown female voice mumbled, they all turned around, but saw only a purple flash.

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