This short story is about a chatty 15 year old girl called Mia, who falls in love with a popular guy in her new school who nobody else had ever loved. She had always wanted to the most popular kid in school but not ever getting at least one date and being told by her mum to write everything in her own diary has definitely not helped her. She really wants her hot crush and also her best friend’s (Lilly) brother, to go out with her and asks him, but will it all work out as she had planned?


2. Michael's in love again

In Michael's school, he was the popular one who was the best student at ICT and also maths. But that was not the only thing that he was good at. He was very good at stealing girl's hearts by impressing them and pretending that he sincerely loves them. Although he has already done this betrayal process 27 times, not even one of his girlfriends had found out about this at all. This was the one thing that he always kept secret to everyone, including his best friend, Richard.

Although Michael was also the school's most devilish and naughty person, that didn't mean Richard was like that. In fact, Richard was someone who had always wanted to get rid of his friendship with Michael because of that one habit that Michael had which ruined the lives of 27 girls and also left them heartbroken unexpectedly each time. The one thing that Michael had ever wanted was to have sex with at least one of his girlfriends, which fortunately hadn't happened.

At school, that morning, Michael was walking to school with his best friend, Richard, to class so that he wouldn't be late. It was a normal day and everything was normal except that every boy, including Josh, who was actually the most popular person in the school who every single girl fancied before Michael came to the school, saw every popular girl in the school follow him and trying to talk to him, also ignoring everyone else. Every boy was so jealous and Michael surely made it much harder for the other boys to get a girlfriend. 

"Hey Michael!" Josie, the most popular girl in the school, said.

"Hi Josie!" Michael replied back.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine. What about you?" Michael asked her.

"Me too. So in how many minutes does class start?"

"In about 15 minutes."

"So, I wanted to tell you something in private."

"OK. Shall we move somewhere else?"

"Um... Yeah, OK."

They walked over to the back of the buildings, which was a private place in which nobody ever goes to.

"So what did you want to tell me?"

"Um... I wanted to tell you that I have loved you since last year."

"You could have honestly told me that before."

"Oh well, I could have but it doesn't matter."

"I actually wanted to tell you that I loved you too." Michael lied to Josie but she believed him.

"Really? So you will definitely take me as your girlfriend?"

"Definitely. I really love you," he said to her and they both leaned their heads forward and were about to kiss each other when the loud buzzer rang, so they both had to run off to their classes before they were late. 

When Michael arrived in class, teh very first thing that he noticed was that literally everyone was asking, "Michael, are you really in love with Josie?"

He then knew that everyone had found out during his and Josie's conversation at the back of the buildings and replied to them, "I am. Why are you lot asking? You know well that is part of my private life."

Nobody answered and kept quiet and only after that the teacher could start talking.

"Good morning class." Mrs Durham said to the class.

"Good morning, Miss."

"Today, the head teacher has allowed you all to-" Mrs Durham was about to announce to the class but before she could finish speaking, everyone had started shouting and mucking about. They were so loud that nobody could have ever heard anything that Mrs Durham had shouted to the class.

"BE QUIET!" Mrs Durham screamed to the top of her voice and only after that everyone had stopped what they were doing and listened to what she was about to say.

"I was about to tell you that you could all go home because of the snow, not to muck about."

Everyone started shouting in excitement again and rushed out of the classroom, leaving Tracy to leave last. Whenever any class had ended, Tracy was always the last one to leave the classroom.

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