Who Am I

This is the questions of life


1. Who Am i


Who am I

It's a question I find hard to answer,

Am I normal ? Or just a pawn in a bigger game.

A game with intellectual challenges and psychological pressure from all around one,

Where the objective it to achieve the set goals " the Perfect world".

A world where all are alike, and only the best are welcome.


Who am I

Am I without comparison to others ?

Or is there more of my kind ?

Do I live life, or do I dream of what i cannot get.

Have I succumbed to the pressure from people around me.

Have I become a robot, controlled by the media,  and it's messages,

in the struggle for the world's ressources, and most "power" possible.


Who am I

What is my position, shall I aspire to be No.1. will I be possible for me,

or shall I just settle for No.2., or even smaller ?


Who am I

What is my goals in this world

is it even here I belong ?

what is my destiny ?

is god apart of it ?

Or is he just a fanatical invention to justify the misery in the world.


Who am I

shall I just surrender myself to a religion wherein xenophobia cannot be discussed.

wherein Xenophobia is against people, with other believes or lifestiles.

Are these people just to be erased from the life.

Is that even reasonable or is mankind just without tolerances for the different ?


Who am I

What i have learned through my days on this earth, is that faithfullness and the individual personality is treatened,

And that the normality has advanced  by miles, and that the world is not as open as in the 70's.

As long as i remember, the world will not change on its own.

so if I stay true to what i believe in, i cannot do more that that.

My Values, My Lifestile.


Lucas Leon Randrup: 14/8 -2011




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