The One I Was Waiting For

My entry for the valentines cometition<3


1. Good bye

  On a pre-spring day, the soft wind did blow,

  I walked on the grass, once covered in snow.

  It was Feb 14th, the sky was clear blue,

  And in the clouds, i saw an image of you.


  I started to cry, so I strolled in the park,

  People were leaving and dogs started to bark.

  Sitting on a bench, I noticed a couple of two,

  And all the while long i couldnt stop thinking of you.


  It was now pitch black,

  On the street, people did lack.

  I strolled down the lane, I looked at my shoe,

  I looked at the stars again an image of you.


  I crossed the street, almost home,

  It was valentines day and i was all alone.

  Suddenley that car went by,

  I only wish you could fly.


  I miss you Jake,

  I wish you were awake.

  You could have gone far,

  If only you would have seen that car....

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