Truly horrifying


2. Dawn...

But suddenly she herad

A knock at the window

And a voice she heard



"I'm coming, my darling

I'm coming my prettiest one

I'm coming my love

I'm coming to get you"


So she put on her robe and her wellies and gloves

And crept down the stairs of her little pink hut

She opened the door and there in the alley

Was the man of her dreams


She ran up and threw herself on him

But she fell to the ground

And she saw his fate

And kneeled and wept for hours on end


She then reliased that he was gone

And wept even more

Then she felt someone on her shoulder

And said


"Not now, Mum, can't you see that I'm sad "

But the voice said "I'm not Mum "

And so she looked up and saw

Huhhhhhh her eyes widened


Not slightly, but widely

They glisened in joy and said

"How did you get back"

And he said "Only something as strong as love can bring back the dead...



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