Ever Lasting Love

A peom about about a womens love for her boyfriend, simple but very heartwarming.


1. Love

Out of all the nights that we lay close, I always think of you the most, trying time may tear us apart, but our love is true like a peice of art.

My heart is always yours to own, so you could never be alone, by your side forever i shall remain, our love is ours to gain.

No money could better you, your love is awlays on cue, my heart flutters when you say my name, this is always the same.

I dont ask for much just a kiss at night, you will always be my shining light, nothing lasts forever, but our love will teach you better.

No devil could change the way i feel, no wall i wouldn't climb for you, no river i wouldn't swim for you, becuase you're the one im drawn to.


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