Who says true love isn't real?

Lilac Henderson had a secret, well, at least it was a secret until one day the unthinkable strikes. Lilac had always been in love with this one boy, although she only realised a few years ago, but she knew what she felt for him was real. When she tells her best friend about this love for him, she begins to think it was the worst mistake of her life, but does it stay that way?


4. Was he really the guy? Or just another joke?

Lilac didn't know what she was feeling for Thomas, but she knew it was different from what she had ever felt, even with Lewis! Sure, Lewis had made her feel all tingly, and he made her smile everytime she looked at him, or heard his name, but Lilac didn't even know how to explain how Thomas made her feel! It was like she wasn't herself, like she was walking, but it felt like she was floating, there was honestly no way to explain how Thomas made her feel without it sounding all cheesy, like one of those movies from the olden days where you have the typical 'Girl meets Boy, Boy meets Girl, instantly falls in love, and lives happily ever after' plan. Well, Lilac's life was definitely different from that, but this feeling wasn't! The only problem was, well, Lilac was afraid to call what she was feeling 'love', especially after the last time she accused herself of being in love! Well, that didn't turn out well! So she decided to leave it as a school girl crush, afterall, she was only young, but this feeling was making her feel like she was ready to say she's in love, but she couldn't! The thing is, Lilac didn't even think about what had happened when she was Lewis whenever she was with Thomas! He made her forget it all! And he didn't even have to say a word to do it!

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