Who says true love isn't real?

Lilac Henderson had a secret, well, at least it was a secret until one day the unthinkable strikes. Lilac had always been in love with this one boy, although she only realised a few years ago, but she knew what she felt for him was real. When she tells her best friend about this love for him, she begins to think it was the worst mistake of her life, but does it stay that way?


1. The Beginning.

Lilac Henderson was just an average 16-year-old teenage girl. Well, that’s what people saw of her, but she had a huge secret that she hadn’t told anyone, not even her best friends named Frannie and Kate. Lilac had a childhood crush on a boy at her school named Lewis. They had been in the same school together since Kindergarten, and Lilac had realised 3 years ago that she might just have a little crush on him. After realising her own secret, every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year spent with him made her feelings grow stronger and stronger for him. Lilac was in love. Until 3 years ago, these types of feelings really weren’t normal for Lilac. She had always been they type of girl that never fell for guys, and when she did, she knew it was just a little kid crush and she was able to shrug it off. Lilac was able to control her feelings, but after realising her love for Lewis, she was no longer able to control her emotions, or even tame them at all. She knew it wasn’t normal, and she still considered herself as a kid so she was continuously telling herself that it was just a childhood crush. Lilac grew up with her two best friends, Frannie and Kate. Kate had always been the type of girl who had no fear of the world. She went bungee jumping, snorkelling, swimming with sharks, and anything that involved a risk, but when I said she had no fear, I meant it. She literally had no fear, and that included the fear of boys or heartbreak. Kate had been through hundreds of relationships in her life, and she had never been hurt once. In fact, she was the one who normally hurt the guy. Frannie and Lilac didn’t really like that about her, but she was always going to be their friend, no matter how she dealt with her relationships. Frannie, on the other hand, had always been the type that never dated, and she just wasn’t really interested in love, she just decided to leave it till later, and worry about her life first.

“LILAC! Wake up sweetie! You’ve gotta’ go to school!” shouted Lilac’s Mum, Yvonne, as she cooked breakfast just like any other morning downstairs in the kitchen. It was Lilac’s first year of school in year 12, and Lilac was already sick of getting up at six thirty for school.

“Coming Mum! I’ll be down in five!” Lilac screamed back, while she sat up on the side of her bed and quickly picked up a red singlet with a flower blouse, and a pair of rugged denim shorts. She quickly got dressed before running into the bathroom to brush her teeth, do her hair, and then put on some makeup.

“Lilac! Come on! You’re going to be late!” her mother shouted again.

“I’m on my way down the stairs Mum! Calm down!” Lilac shouted back, as she leaped down 2 stairs at a time. Lilac had half an hour to get to school before she was late, and being late wouldn’t be a very good start for her first day. Lilac arrived to school ten minutes later, and began making her way down the long hallways to her locker. When she reached her locker, she started searching through her bag for her locker key when she was frightened by a loud clang on the locker door next to hers. It was him. Lewis was actually standing right next to her… Was this a dream? What did he want? How did he even notice her? He never did before… Then he turned to the locker next to hers.

‘That explains it,’ she thought, ‘he’s only checking his locker…’ Lilac’s heart dropped the second she realised he was only near her for her locker, but she didn’t blame him… As far as she was concerned, he didn’t even know she existed. After staring off into spacing thinking about him, the bell rung and Lilac quickly grabbed her things, slammed her locker shut and ran off to class.

Lilac’s first class was English, and she was lucky enough to have Kate and Lewis in English with her. Half way through the class, Kate chucked a folded piece of paper at Lilac and Lilac quickly read it.

‘U like him don’t U?’ the piece of paper read.

'Who?’ Lilac quickly wrote back and threw at Kate.

‘Lewis, it’s completely obvs!’ Kate wrote back and threw at Lilac.

‘Um, yeah, I guess I do, but don’t tell! Please!’ Lilac wrote and threw it towards Kate. Lilac waited through the next two periods for Kate to write back, but she never did. ‘She must’ve run out of things to say…’ Lilac thought to herself and left it at that.

On her lunch break, Lilac quickly ran up to Kate and asked her if she had told anyone, worried that she might’ve said something.

“Told anyone what?” Kate replied, looking at Lilac like something was wrong.

“About what my answer was on the note, you know? The one I threw back at you.” Lilac replied quickly, getting really worried that someone else had taken it.

“Um, you never replied to my question about if you like him?” Kate said, almost yelling.

“Yes I did! I threw the note back at you after writing my reply! I know I did!” Lilac shouted back quickly.

“Oh no! That means, someone would’ve taken it! And they would’ve read it! And now they’ll know!” Kate yelled at Lilac. Lilac was almost in tears, she was so worried. No one was ever meant to know about Lilac’s secret, especially someone that Lilac had probably never even spoken to. Lilac’s body was filled with anger, and she was beginning to think she was turning red. She felt like she was going to explode, and she blamed it all on Kate. She knew that it wasn’t Kate’s fault, but it wasn’t hers either, and at the time, she needed to have someone to blame seeing as they didn’t know who actually had the note.

“Oh I hate you sometimes! How could you be so careless with my secret?” Lilac shouted in anger and marched off down the hallway. As Lilac marched down the hallway, she began to calm down, and feel bad for what she had just said to Kate. Kate was always there for Lilac, and it wasn’t Kate’s fault that someone had decided to be nosy and steal Lilac’s note about Lewis. Sure it was embarrassing, but it was only high school, even if it was Lewis himself who stole it, he wouldn’t remember what it said in two years, in fact, he wouldn’t know what her name was in the first place to tell anyone... Then it hit her. It felt like a little glow had just popped up in her head, and that glow, was a really scary thought. Lewis had been sitting next to Kate in English. What if he had stolen it?! Lilac didn’t know what to say or do, or even think. Her mind had been struck by a thunderstorm, leaving all living things inside her brain feeling dead, and helpless. Her life had just ended. How would she get through the end of the year knowing that Lewis could have been the one who had stolen the note? The worst thing was that Lewis was sitting next to Kate! He could easily see who the note was coming from! He would’ve known that it was definitely Lilac that liked him! ‘Oh my god! I should have never written back to that note! I should have just told her in the first place, then this would have never happened, and I wouldn’t feel the need to move countries and change my name to Chuck. I’ve got to tell Kate! She will know what to do! I should probably apologize first, before she starts hating me...’ Lilac thought to herself before running back down the hallway to find Kate.

“KATE! KATE! KATE!” Lilac shouted the second she saw Kate, “I need to tell you something! It’s really important! Oh, and I’m sorry for what I said before! I didn’t mean it!”

“It’s okay, you’re forgiven, I was scared you hated me... What is it?” Kate replied quietly, almost whispering.

  “Well, you know how I didn’t know who stole the note? Kate, I think it was Lewis! He was sitting right next to you, he could’ve easily reached down to get it! And he would’ve known it was me as well!” Lilac whispered back.

“Oh my god!” replied Kate quickly.

“Yeah, it’s bad hey?” Lilac quietly responded.

 “Um, well, maybe you should ask him if he took it? Sure it’s scary, but at least you’ll know for sure…” Kate said.

“Yeah, I guess, thanks Kate!” Lilac said as she walked off down the hallway to grab her stuff and go home. Lilac was tossing and turning all night, and she couldn’t sleep at all. She couldn’t help but think about how his reaction would turn out. What if he thought she was just a silly child? What if he thought that she was just some sort of obsessed 16 year old stalking in love girl? What if he didn’t like her back? There was no way to tell for sure that he loved her back, or even liked her, or even knew her.

Lilac woke up the next morning with butterflies all through her stomach, but that wasn’t unusual for her. Every time she went to bed thinking about him, or had a dream about him, she woke up with butterflies playing chasey in her stomach.

She quickly got dressed, and raced out of the house, leaving her mum wondering what she was doing at school today to get her so excited. She walked into the school hallway, keeping her eyes searching for him in the crowd of high school students, but when she saw him, it didn’t feel like any ordinary day. Her heart beat sped up a million times faster, and she felt like it was going to explode out of her brain soon. She had never looked at him like this before, and it all felt crazy and new to her. She had a sudden urge to run up and hug him to death, and never let go, but she knew she had to control herself, and she stopped herself from staring into the air. She looked at him, and realised that all along, he had actually been staring at her. They made eye contact, but not in a weird, or creepy or awkward way. It was cute. His baby blue eyes looked at her like he actually cared about her, and for once in her life, she felt like he really noticed her. Like he had known her forever, like he had known who she was forever. And then it happened. He actually began walking over to her. Was this real? Was he really walking towards her? Was he really walking towards Lilac Henderson, the girl who thought he didn’t even know she existed? She quickly looked behind her, checking to see if some beautiful girl was there, but no one was there. He was really walking towards her. 

“Hey! I need to talk to you!” he shouted over to her. It was real. He noticed her.

“Me?! Really?” she quickly replied.

“Yeah, you! Lilac right? Lilac Henderson!” he said. He actually knew her name! Lilac’s heart felt like it was going to fly through the roof. She had never been so happy.

“Oh okay. what’s up?” Lilac said shyly, trying to hold in the amount of happiness that was pulsating through her body.

“Well, I know this might get you annoyed, but well, I stole you’re letter. The one to Kate... I know about how you like me...” he said quickly, like he was scared.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry! I really am! But I can’t help it! I love... I mean, I like you!” she blabbed out, hoping he didn’t know what she really meant.

“Lilac, calm down! I came to tell you that, well...” he said quietly.

“Well?” She replied, Lilac was getting really curious now.

“Well, Lilac, I like you too! A lot!” he whispered. Was this real?! Did he really just say that he likes her? A lot!? It didn’t seem real, but it actually was.

“Really!!??” Lilac basically shouted back at him.

“Yes! Really! Lilac, would you like to go out some time? Be called my girlfriend from now on?” he replied.

“Of course I would Lewis!” Lilac said, trying to wipe the smile of her face. Lilac was smiling so much that it felt like her cheeks were about to fall off.

“Okay, that’s great, look um, I kind of have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” Lewis said as he walked off. Lilac’s entire body filled with happiness. She was so happy! She felt like she could literally fly, and she wanted to shout it out at the top of her lungs. She had never felt so perfectly happy in her life, ever!

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