Who says true love isn't real?

Lilac Henderson had a secret, well, at least it was a secret until one day the unthinkable strikes. Lilac had always been in love with this one boy, although she only realised a few years ago, but she knew what she felt for him was real. When she tells her best friend about this love for him, she begins to think it was the worst mistake of her life, but does it stay that way?


3. New town, new loves.

The next few weeks were full of packing boxes, and shifting them into the truck. It wasn't just a normal move where they changed houses, they were changing towns! Three weeks passed, and then they couldn't hold it off any longer. It was moving day. As Lilac unpacked the hundreds of boxes in her new room, she found a letter. It was the letter that Lewis had written Lilac when they were a couple. The letter he had written the day before she found out it was all a joke. She read the letter over, and over, and over again until eventually she couldn't handle it. She started crying, and while the tears fell down her face, she began tearing the letter. She ripped it into millions of tiny peices, and eventually threw it in the bin. She never wanted to remember him again. Monday came, and it was Lilac's first day at her new high school. She was nervous, but she wouldn't let anyone know. It was a secret, that was never going to be discovered as far as she was concerned. She walked through the new hallway, with the new lockers surrounding her, and the new faces, that she wasn't used to. It was weird at first, but she new she'd get used to it. She found her new classroom, and walked into Science with the rest of her new class mates for the year.

"You can sit with Thomas, he's just over there." the teacher explained, pointing over to a guy. He was reasonably tall, with brown hair, that was almost a chocolate brown colour, and green eyes, he was quite fit, and as he smiled at her, she realised how white and shiny his teeth were, along with his perfect smile. Lilac walked over to sit with him, and gently took her seat next to him. They were close, and their legs were almost touching.

"What's you're name again? I'm Lilac Henderson." Lilac said quietly. She never had felt this shy before, it was like she could barely speak, and she started shaking. As she looked at him, she realised that his eyes, if you looked close enough, had little light blue lines all through the lime green colour. They were beautiful. There was no other words to explain how perfect they were.

"I'm Thomas Paahi. Lilac? That's a beautiful name!" he said, speaking with his velvet gentle voice.

"Really? You really think so? Thanks." Lilac quickly said, with her voice shaking. What was going on? Why was she feeling like this? She couldn't understand why she felt so comfortable, but scared at the same time around him.

That night, Lilac couldn't stop thinking about him, and she didn't understand why, she just couldn't. He was perfect. He really was.

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