Who says true love isn't real?

Lilac Henderson had a secret, well, at least it was a secret until one day the unthinkable strikes. Lilac had always been in love with this one boy, although she only realised a few years ago, but she knew what she felt for him was real. When she tells her best friend about this love for him, she begins to think it was the worst mistake of her life, but does it stay that way?


2. Love? Or just a myth?

Lewis treated Lilac absolutely perfectly! He hugged her, kissed her, held her, told her she was beautiful and that he loved her everyday! He was the best thing that ever happened to her! And she really did love him!

Lilac went to school for the next few weeks feeling completely perfect, and she was so happy! They were the best few weeks of her life. Until one day, something crushed her heart, and ruined her happiness. Lilac walked past Lewis and some of his mates in the hallway and realised that he didn't even notice that she walked past, so Lilac decided to wait near them and listen to see if he said anything sweet about her like she'd expect, but what she heard was far from what she expected.

"Lilac is so disgusting! I can't believe I actually made this bet with you guys to date her! I actually have NO feelings for her, and I can't wait until this month is over so I can break up with her!" Lilac heard Lewis saying to his mates. Lilac's heart sank. Everything that had just happened had all been a joke, and Lilac didn't feel like she was herself anymore. Lilac ran up to him and stared at him with tears in her eyes.

"How could you say that Lewis? I can't believe you! I'm disgusting? You have NO feelings for me? You can't wait to break up with me? Well, let's make that easier for you! IT IS OVER LEWIS!" Lilac shouted at him before marching off down the hallway in tears. She couldn't believe what she had just heard and she felt like she was going to create a new Ocean with her tears.

That night, Lilac made a decision, she was no longer going to be the heart broken girl, or the one who got hurt by the guy she loved. She was going to be the girl who hurt all the guys that treated girls badly, or planned to hurt them. She would date as many guys as possible, and she would hurt them all! She was out for revenge, but not just on one guy, on all of them!

Lilac went to school the next day feeling like a new girl. She changed her entire appearance, and made sure she looked amazing that day. She was going to find a new guy, and within the first hour of school, she was dating Marty, the school football captain. Marty was a great guy, but he had a bit of a reputation of dating way too many girls and crushing their hearts.

By lunch time, Lilac had broken up with Marty and was with the next guy, Travis. Over the next few weeks, Lilac went from guy, to guy, to guy, and she was starting to get a huge reputation. Her friends stopped talking to her, and she didn't feel like herself anymore. She felt better. She was in control. Lilac had never felt like she was overpowering guys before, until now, and she liked this feeling. She could take on the world. 

Lilac went home that day feeling proud of herself, until her parents hit her with the bad news. They were moving.

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