Sometimes stories don't have happy endings...

A normal group of friends are secretly part of an organisation that investigates alien activity without public interruption. But after being told they're too young, they decide it's for the best not to argue and leave it. None of them could have predicted what would happen next....


4. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

6 months had passed since the guys had been let go, and even though they still remember it like it was yesterday, they made the decision to move on and try their hardest to forget it. This brings them to today. Today is just them, a deserted town square and all the time in the world. Looking at them now you couldn't see that they were former government workers, they looked like normal people having a lads day out, sort of.

The boys decided to leave the town square at wander into a local chocolate store, as they entered the surprise on the shopkeepers face was as noticeable as a cow in a green field, in other words, very. As Tommy, Keith and Adam looked at the fudge section, Connor wandered to the other side with his hands in his shallow pockets.

"Is there something you're looking for?" The shopkeeper said, she had brisk brown hair and a delightful smile. She was young, around 24-25, and was alone.

"No not really, just browsing thanks" Connor smiled and continued to look around. The young woman smiled back and got back to checking prices. Suddenly Connor felt a cold breeze go behind his back, he spun round but nothing was there.

"Guys, did you feel that?" Connor asked.

"Feel what?" Adam replied, confused.

"That cold breeze." Connor hastily muttered,

"Mate, have you lost the plot? it's 20 degrees out there." Keith laughed with a grin the size of Asia on his face.

"No, maybe just my imagination" Connor reluctantly laughed back, although his face told a different story, you could see the fear fall across his face, as if he knew something. As he spun round again to continue what he was doing, he felt it again, and this time it made him shiver as if the temperature was actually -2.

"Guys, now i'm scared, i'm absolutely sure i felt it that time" Connor exclaimed sharply.

"Connor, we've told you there isn't a cold..." Keith was suddenly stopped mid sentence, as something caught his eye in the shop window. "Oh dear, guys, look at that." Keith pointed towards the window with his index finger, and everyone elses heads turned with it.

"What in all that is holy, is that?" Adam said.

"Is it a bird, a plane?" Tommy smiled as he let out a small laugh.

"Something tells me it isn't a bird, or a plane..." Connor mumbled.

"Whatever it is it's coming this way, fast." Keith said. As he said this he ran towards the shelf and started throwing things off it. "Adam, get the door closed,now." Keith shouted and pointed towards the widely opened door,

"What are you doing?" Connor questioned, puzzled.

"Saving us." Keith bluntly replied, "now everyone get in the back room!" Following their orders, everyone went into the back room, excluding the shopkeeper, who sat glaring at the thing outside the window, which was speedily approaching. Adam noticed, and went to warn her. "Come in, you can't stay here, it isn't safe" Adam explained.

"Oh come on guys what could it possibly be? Besides, it's probably only a bird..." She stopped her words as she noticed something else. A ghostly figure seemed to be on the other side of the square, just standing there. "Who's that?" She asked. Adam turned to get a closer look, and his eyes widened.

"Now, listen to me, whatever is happening it isn't good, and has everyone noticed something else?. The flying object, it's gone." Adam said, looking worried.

The man seemed to start walking towards them, each step seemed to spell danger, and nothing seemed to stop him.

"It's him, no..." Connor muttered.

"What, who Connor, who is it?" Keith panically asked.

"I don't exactly know, but i've seen him around and he just stares at me and smiles menacingly." Connor said. His face was as white as a sheet, and his mouth was slightly open, his breathing rate increased dramatically and he looked generally terrified. Keith swallowed and looked at the man, he thought he could hear the man's footsteps coming towards them, getting louder and louder as he got closer. Suddenly the ghostly man stopped, and seemed to pick out something from his pocket. It looked like a controller type of thing.

"No, don't, please don't" Connor muttered under his breath. The man raised his hand and have a goodbye wave and grinned devilishly. "Everyone, out!!" Connor shouted. All the boys started to run out of the back room towards the main shop. Suddenly the man plunged down on a big red button and the back room immediatly blew up throwing the guys flying into the main shop area. The rubble cleared and the boys got up and brushed themselves down.

"Everyone all right?" Keith asked. The boys replied in unison and then the young shopkeeper caught their eye. She lay there with her hands covered in blood, lifeless...



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