What is Love?

A shrot poem describing some of the fellings people often encounter when the think they are in love.


1. What is Love?

What is Love?

Love is an attraction; a distraction for me.

Love is aggression; a depression to see.

Love can make you deliriously glad.

Love can make you lonely and sad.

Love can be bitter and sometimes quite cruel.

Love can make you act like a fool

Love is the giving straight from your heart.

Love can tear your heart apart.

Love is like walking on thin air.

Love, quite often, brings you despair.

Love is sharing, with others, your soul.

Love can be like living in a goldfish bowl.

Love is seeing beauty in a pretty girls face.

Love can be like being in a perfect place.

Love is indescribable to many, you see,

What is love to you may not be to me.

But the ultimate love that I can find,

Was when God gave Jesus to mankind.


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