The cat is in love with the budgie

This is a comedy-love poem about a cat who is in love with budgie.


1. ..

The cat is in love with the budgie We find it very strange The cat spends all day long just staring in to its cage We don't know what to do We don't know to say We need to find a way to cure her crage-craze She wiggles her hips And licks her lips Ready to pounce for a giant kiss The budgie blushes The cat rushes Just to say hello The budgie misunderstands, and shouts out ''goodbye'' The cat waits under the cage The bird ruffles its feathers with rage ''Go away'' The bird cries out The cat gave up, and ate some trout The cat walked back over to the bird, ''I love you'' she said The bird just laid The bird said ''oh cat, this will never work for you a cat and I am a bird what will everyone think?'' The cat shakes her head with confusion She can't belive this terrible conclusion She walk off sadly The birds stay there gladly Perhaps the cat will try another day.

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