English Poem


1. Shame Poem

If only I could go back to that day, If only I could wash the pain away, If only I could undo my error, If only I could get rid of my terror.


If only I hadn’t committed that atrocious act, Because my penalty for stealing is in fact, One hundred years in prison, hooray (!) My world is suddenly bleak and gray.


To be anywhere but here is my only desire, To be free and safe is what my soul requires, But I am trapped in a cold stone cell, And for the rest of my life, it is here I shall dwell.


Why must I pay such a high price? Why wouldn’t a few years suffice? Well I shall tell you the answer to that, Because I stole the Queen’s hat!


Yes it brought me fame, Everyone knew my name, But in the end I paid the price, And the end product wasn’t nice.


If only I hadn’t wanted fame, I wouldn’t be feeling so much shame, I would be safe, and not in jail, Oh my god, this was such a fail.

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