The Fight For Survival Part I

A group of White Leopards, a group of Jaguars and a group of cyber-toothed tigers, all thrown out of their prides. They become one pride and have to show that they can handle being a pride by fighting other prides for food and territories, who will win and who will become instinct?

Fiction story between different prides and has a little twist to it

Is a role play


2. They All Meet

Aaiiyasha: were nearly to our new home with a new pride don't worry little ones I can feel it, we might be alone tonight but we will find somewhere at least tomorrow or the day after, I promise you little ones I will find you a home.

Alistair: Don't worry you two, mummy and I will make sure that you know what it feels like to be part of a pride, you will grow up in one even if it isn't as good as the one we came out of we will find one!

Nikki: Is it going to be a nice one with leopards our age?

Aaiiyasha: I will try my best Nikki but I can not promise that much but I swear down on my life I will find you one if not us

Blayze: but what if they want you and not us?

Alistair: then we will go and leave you on your own, no I'm joking we will not go we will turn them down, we would do anything for you and we would let ourselves get eaten if it was to save you!

Nikki: don't get eaten daddy.

Alistair: I woun't hunny

Aaiiyasha: we'll stay in here the night, this cave here

Alistair: oh hunny


Angeliyah: I want to show our old pride who's boss, it in't fair that we get kicked out because we stole food when we didn't it was Mehah

Avalloc: Don't blame your sister Angel, I know it was her but she couldn't have gone because she is getting married to Volts son!

Angeliyah: but it in't fair, she should have gone, I could have married him!

Carine: But she was the chosen one, sorry Angel but thats life, were going to have to find somewhere else, no where near as good of course but it will have to do since we can't get back into there.

Angeliyah: I'm going into this cave

Avalloc: just for the night and then were leaving.

Carine: that sounds like a good idea

Angeliyah: of course, and I hope in the new place i can get married to the son of the pride leader

Carine: ok well go in then Angeliyah


Amo: mum can we go into here please, it is warm dry and I looks empty

Alarica: ok Amo


All: (roar loudly)

Alistair: who are you this is our cave

Avalloc: I odn't think so, we are the strongest in this cave so I think we were here first

Carine: calm down Avalloc!

Alistair: yeah you better listen to your misses

Avalloc: stay back Carine!!!

Carine: no listen to me, it is just this one night, why can't everyone just calm it alright and where is your mister Jaguar?

Alarica: He urm, he was the married ruler so he stayed then come with me and Amo here, he married me which made him the leader.

Aaiiyasha: oh I'm sorry about thet, well I'll make sure that my mister is under lock and key so he does not flip like he did and got us kicked out of the pride.

Carine: we got accused of taking the food so we got kicked out of our tribe

Avalloc: well it was not our fault so we sould not have to share a cave with these, weaklings

Carine: now stop, you are going too far, they have all stopped and if you do not we will be going somewhere else alright!

Angeliyah: no mum that ins't fair we have been walking for ages and we have to go!

Carine: do you want to go we will in a minuet if you do not start acting your age Angeliyah do you understand me!

Angeliyah: well...

Carine: (roar) I said do you understand me

Angeliyah: yeah, yes but do you understand me

Aaiiyasha: excuse me, you should not talk to your mother like that, she raised you, she got you this cave and she made sure you were ok, she could have kept you walking yet she lets you stay here. If I was you I would respect your mother lady.

Angeliyah: And what do you know, are you my mum, no, you have no idea what she has brough us up like

Avalloc: give up Angeliyah you are sleeping out in the other cave with em now and say owt about it you will have me to deal with!

Carine: thank you...

Aaiiyasha: it's Aaiiyasha

Carine: oh, thank you Aaiiyasha, my names Carine

Aaiiyasha: nice to meet you

Carine: and you (smile)

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