The Fight For Survival Part I

A group of White Leopards, a group of Jaguars and a group of cyber-toothed tigers, all thrown out of their prides. They become one pride and have to show that they can handle being a pride by fighting other prides for food and territories, who will win and who will become instinct?

Fiction story between different prides and has a little twist to it

Is a role play


4. Sabre-Tooth Attack

Nikki: mummy where are you

Aaiiyasha: I'm coming Nikki hang in there

Avalloc: (roar) and what are you doing

Angeliyah: have you come to take us back into the pride?

Avalloc: of course not Angel they are here to use us as food!

Angeliyah: but Meheh wouldn't do that

Mehah: oh yes I would sister, I am the ruler of the pride now and I sent them to bring you as food, who else would of course not the son of what used to be king and now is bones, yeah thats right, it ate him!

Angeliyah: Mehah why are you doing this to your own family

Mehah: because what did you do for me, what did any of you do for me. I got myself engaged to Brinon, not mum or dad or...

Angeliyah: i gave him heads up, I did even ask him, he hated you at first and then I changed his mind about you!

Avalloc: so he did like you first Angeliyah

Angeliyah: of course he did, and I liked him but I knew that Mehah wanted to become the ruler so I changed his mind

Mehah: this is not true sister, I know what happened behind my back, I saw you two on your midnight hunts and things but you didn't think I noticed that ou were trying to get him off of me!

Angeliyah: it was not like that sister, you must belive me!

Mehah: I would not belive you even if my life depended on it! Boys, take them down!

Angeliyah: no!

(everyone fight)

Carine: Angeliyah run, run and never stop!

Angeliyah: no, this is my fight too. I am not running anymore I have to fight, I need to fight!

(mehah and Angeliyah fight)

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