The Fight For Survival Part I

A group of White Leopards, a group of Jaguars and a group of cyber-toothed tigers, all thrown out of their prides. They become one pride and have to show that they can handle being a pride by fighting other prides for food and territories, who will win and who will become instinct?

Fiction story between different prides and has a little twist to it

Is a role play


7. One Or The Other Or None

Angeliyah: I'm going down who's coming

Blayze: I'll go back down

Amo: yeah I will too, whilst my mum int here, can I Aaiiyasha

Aaiiyasha: only for about ten minuets

Amo: thank you thank you

Angeliyah: come on then guys

(Angeliyah, Blayze and Amowlk down the cave)

Blayze: don't you think it's a bit weird that there are three differenyt types of cats that all live together, of course there's nothing wrong with it i'm just saying

Angeliyah: Yeah I guess it is weird but I like weird, thats why I fell in love with the son of the pride leader and then we got kicked out, it was forbiddan love anyway

Amo: oh sorry

Angeliyah: For what?

Amo: uh, never mind

Blayze: so wha is your fully name or is your full name Angel?

Angeliyah: haha, no my full name is Angeliyah

Blayze: Angeliyah, unique, sweet and feisty, I like it

Angeliyah: and whats your name?

Blayze: mine's Blayze, it means fire

Angeliyah: Nice to mean you Blayze, as you can tell my name means Angel.

Blayze: what does your name mean Amo?

Amo: My name means, well, I don't know what mine means. My dad choose my name and I have never being told what my name means

Angeliyah: oh right, well i'll find out for you when I see your mum

Amo: I'm annoyed with my mum at the moment

Blayze: you should never be annoyed with your mum, my mum is probably the strictest here and yet I just show her that I can handle my fire, I am as vicious as my dad and I guess your dad Angel, but I can handle it.

Angeliyah: wow and how about you Amo

AMo: urm well, I don't know

Blayze: what do you know about yourself

Angeliyah: haha, come on Blayze, and Amo, lets go and have a look what we can hunt down

Blayze: OK

Amo: I don't think that thats my pond of water, sorry, I think I might go back actually

Angeliyah: oh ok

Blayze: ok bye Amo

Amo: (walk back up)

Blayze: Lets go, see who can kill the biggest thing first< and go!

(run off)

Angeliyah: I got a warter hog, oh wow

Blayze: I got a stag

Angeliyah: wow you are impressive

Blayze: well I have a thing for showing off in front of the ones I like (smile)

Angeliyah: you, you like me?

Blayze: of course I wouldn't have come down here again until I wanted something to drink or eat or unless I wanted a little mess around if it wasn't for you, your my pond of water.

Angeliyah: I, I guess I do like you a little bit (smile)

Blayze: well we better get back up there or they will be thinkingwe've gone missing

Angeliyah: oh yeah I guess, lets go

(put noses together (kiss) for about 5 seconds)

Angeliyah: well that was nice (smile)

Blayze: (look up cave) I'll race you, up there to all the others

Angeliyah: your on! And go!

(race up to others)

Amo: I see you havn't being eaten then haha

Aneliyah: that was incredibly inappropriate Amo

Amo: sorry

Blayze: I'll go and play with nikki a bit cause she looks bored (go to Nikki)

Amo: I'm sorry I've being acting funny it's just I like you

Angeliyah: well, urm. This is hard to say Amo, I like you, But I only like you as a friend, I've got my eye on someone else. I'm sorry Amo you are a brilliant friend but thats it

Amo: oh ok then, wait, do you like Blayze? thats why your turning me down!

Angeliyah: no, no I dont know

Amo: of course I can't win against Blayze he's a vicious yet smooth Snow Leopard and I'm just a jaguar

Angeliyah: no I would go out with a Jaguar any day over a Leopard it's just he's different, he's understanding and

Amo: did you two kiss down there

Angeliyah: wait, your going too far now. What we did down there is our business not yours

Amo: I'm sorry (walk out of cave)

Angeliyah: no don't go!

Amo: I am bye

Angeliyah: No!

Amo: (walk out of cave)

Angeliyah: (run to the top of the cave and turn right)

Carine: Angel what are you doing his is where me and your father sleep

Angeliyah: where does Amo's mother sleep

Carine: over there

Angeliyah: ok thank you (run off)

Alarica: Hey Angel whats...

Angeliyah: Amo has run away

Alarica: WHAT why!?

Angelyah:because I, I kissed Blayze and he didn't want me to he wanted to go out with me

Alarica: are you mad do not kiss another type and do not break his heart and do not go out with him am I clear

Angeliyah: yes now go and get him

Alarica: ok yas (run out of cave)

Angeliyah: (whisper) I do like you Amo, I do

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