The Fight For Survival Part I

A group of White Leopards, a group of Jaguars and a group of cyber-toothed tigers, all thrown out of their prides. They become one pride and have to show that they can handle being a pride by fighting other prides for food and territories, who will win and who will become instinct?

Fiction story between different prides and has a little twist to it

Is a role play


1. Characters:

Aaiiyasha= Mother snow leopard= girl=Love

blayze= Child of Aaiiyasha and Alistair= boy=fire

Nikki=Child of Aaiiyasha and Alistair= girl= Goddess

Alistair= Father snow leopard=Defender


Avalloc= father Sabre-Tooth= boy= father

Angeliyah= Child of Avalloc and Carine= girl= angel

Carine= mother Sabre-tooth= girl= pure


Alarica= Mother Jaguar= girl= ruler

Amo= Child of Alarica= boy= power

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