I just had a few thoughts about love, and what it does to a person :)
I hope you like it ;)


1. Burning



It's a fire inside me


Like hunger

Never ending

Making me feel empty

Wanting to fill up

Food is not enough

I am so hollow

I am burning

It’s a craving

Not stopping

My throat is on fire

I want to scream

Someone help me

It's so intense

This feeling

I can't open my mouth

My eyes

Or my mind

Without it filling

Every breath

Every form

Every thought

I want...

I want...

It's a wanting

Running deep

In my veins

Starting from my heart

Not stopping

It's making me tired

I want...

I want...

It's more than wanting

It's more than craving

It's not even running inside me

It's etched deep into my every bone

Every marrow

I can't see it

With my own eyes

But it's there

I can feel it

I can't stop it

My thoughts are only a blurr

Making everything else seem


I can't focus

Nor concentrate

And it's still there

I want it to stop

But fire never does

It just burns

And burns

And burns

I am ashes

I am nothing anymore

I am gray


And it's this fire

It never let me go

Nothing stopped it

And it's still there

I still want...

I still want...

But what?

I don't know

The only thing I know

Is that

I can't stop it

I can't

And it's making me miserable

My life

Is its life

And I am only it's slave

So what can I do?


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