Those four corners.



As I lay asleep in my purple duvet cover that I got on sale from Tescos.

I was beggining to drift off into a deep sleep.

When, I heard something....... a knocking noise.

I lay still and forced myself to count to 50 before looking.

I peered over my bed frame to see that there was nothing there.

I lay down again.

I begin to catch up on my fifty winks, when the door opens and shuts, opens and shuts, opens and shuts.

I wake my husband up, 'Noah!' I shook him softly.

The noise stops. The only thing I can hear now is silence.

It scares me.

'NOAH!!!' I shake him frantically, floods of tears run down my face.

He wakes and holds me tight in his arms and I fall asleep.

I hear the sea from outside, I smell the salt and also... sniff, sniff, sniff.

Animal poo?

I leave my room and see Noah over the other side of the bo- boat? I run over to him nervously and think is this a dream? I pinch myself... I feel no pain. I walk over to Noah and ask him whats going on and he says:

'Oh, you tell me it is your dream!' I hug him nervously. I can fell his scratchy chin were he hasn't shaved in ages.

Its nice. I can no longer see the four corners of the boat. I see a giraffe... two of them. Holding books on its neck and teddys? No it can't be!

Oh my gosh.... I am ending this story now its a freaking bookshelve. OUCH!

I feel pinching below my thighs. OUCH!

Oh seriously... it's my son Gavin. He opened the door just because he is scared of the dark.

urggh.... goodnight.

Haha! And you guys were getting scared too!

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