The love boat

A girl has to travel to a secret island on her own.But when she on this boat to her suprise a boy turns up.She like him and sails the sea.But somthing happens and the boy has to realise that she is in love with him.But will he!


2. The random person

In the middle of the just of the coast of brazil sydney was drinking a nice cold glass of lemonade looking at brazil she felt somthing strange was about to happen.So like any person would do she investigated.And what she found out of the blue was a boy the same age as her 16.His name was nicos and he was from malia.He was sent by her father to help her on her journeys.But the one thing she did not know was that nicos happend to like sydney and thought that she was his ideal girlfreind.But he was to scared to say that.But what he didnt know was that sydney though nicos looked like an amazing person and she wanted to travel the world with him.Although neither of them could pick up the courage to ask eachother out so they just talked.

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