The love boat

A girl has to travel to a secret island on her own.But when she on this boat to her suprise a boy turns up.She like him and sails the sea.But somthing happens and the boy has to realise that she is in love with him.But will he!


1. The departure

A girl called sydney has always wanted to travel the world.But she wanted to travel this with somone.A boy.But sydney had always been unlucky with boy and had never once had a boyfriend.But when she decided that she was ready to travel the world.No one wanted to go with she asked her farther who was a very rich man and he replied no but i will give you some monney to travel.So Sydney ended up with a very nice boat and buckets load of food and drink.So on the day of her departure she was scared,frightend and excited to go like most explorers would be.So she decided to head of for her adventure!

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