Life or Death...

Aged just 6, Jodie became diagnosed with cancer, however, through a year or two of battling she recovered but now, there was another battle putting her life on hold. The same battle that killed her father and could possibly kill her...


5. Nearing the end.

Five hours later than it began, the show was starting to draw to a close, like a curtain closing to the most cloudless sky seen in at least five years passed. I could see it in her face. Jodie. My Jodie. She was starting to stand out as the weakest of the two of them, not as i expected. It was then it dawned on me. A dark cloud circling round above my head. I could feel it. About to explode and gash through my head; running through the blood in my now limp body.  Not in a million years would i have felt so selfish, selfish enough to even let her attend after the past. but no. I had to take it that one step further. "Let the past stay the past and carry on the future like there is no tomorrow" Was a lifelong lesson I'd taught Jodie. This year, i stook to that. Why? I never realised how stupid one person could be. Then i met me. A woman unstable enough to be able to protect her own daughter. A woman unstable enough to fight off the tears. A woman unstable enough to view a positive side.

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