Chimamire No seishin

Fuko Kimisuru er død hamrende træt af at hendes lillesøster får alt opmærksomheden fra hendes familie, og en aften kommer hun tal at råbe at hun ville ønske hun bare forsvandt, uheligt får Kimi, bliver hendes ønske overhørt af en ånd, som straks vil gøre det godt for kimi og skaffer en demon til at slå kimi's søster ihjel, kimi er helt knust og fatter ikke hvorfor det skete indtil hun en dag står ved sin søsters grav, og ånden dukker op foran hende og fortæller hende at det var hendes eget ønske kimi er så chokeret at hun ikke ser sig for da hun går hjem, og bliver skæbnesvangert ramt af en stor bil, kimi bliver selv til en ånd, og får at hun skal komme til at se sin lillesøster iegn bliver hun nødt til at opfylde 1000 blodige ønsker, under dækkenavnet chimamire no seishin.


2. The birth of tears

i dedicate this story to my land of birth, Japan

Bloody spirit; birth of tears

"Tap tap tap, quiet, stealth, the lone hunter aproaches the naughty child, who will fall this night, and will the bloody spirit find her peace?" i snorted, they didn't even know what i was. They thought i was some punisher of naughty children, the real punisher was the children who wished for their sisters and brothers to dissappear, i stopped my work of thoughts and aproached the window quietly waiting for the foolish mother to leave, the little girl lay in her bad filled with life and laughter, i dried away some of my tears, and flew through the window, i readied my knife, bent over the tiny girl, "this is for you Omoiyari" the girl opened her eyes she couldn't see me but she knew i was there, i breathed heavly and jabbed the knife into her heart i bend over her "don't blame me child blame your brother" tears began streaming down her cheeks "y-you're the bloody spirit, i- i hope you find your peace"  her eyes closed and she was gone, there was no reason for me to stay, afteral i didn't wish to hear the scream of her brother when he found her body.

"congrats, chimamire-sama that was number 3 only 997 left" i sighed "you're at it again, there's really no real need to celebrate" Ataerareta* shrugged "okay then" he smiled and left the room.

*Yume wo tsubomi hiragu Mabushii sora wo aogi Mune paii hirogaru Yasashii kaori Kioeru wa Koi no rizumu Kisetsu koe Ai ni kiteme Daisuki darou sasaya itara Sekaijuu ni Kikoe chuu kana Hazuka shikute Usubu miteta Watashi no te wo tori Hayashii desu*

i stood dumbfounded staring at the sky, such a soothing singing voice like chiming bells, i dried some tears away in my sleave, it was so beautiful and nostalgic to stand under the moon listening to a nusery ryme from so long ago, "Omo-chan one day we'll be together again.


*Chimamire no Seishin, that's what we call the new killer in Tokyo, it's a very popular belief that the killer is a spirit, but can we be so sure, today Gisei Ningen (Ningen Gisei) was found muddered by a knife in her home, in shinjuku, tears and a smile on her face, police suspects that the killer might be asociated with Engimono Akuma, since everytime there's a new body Engimono-san laughs uncontrolably, while calling the name Kimisuru* over and over. Police are currently investigating the matter, tha is all for tonight, news brought to you by Kibo Atarashi.

-newsfalsh end-

i sung my little chime to myself as i snuck into her house "quietly quietly i'll find your wish i'll grant it, was this not what you wanted? did you not wish to se him gone? so why the tears? you asked for it yourself? selfish brat" i stopped and smiled to myself "i'm such a devil" "no you're not" i turned around facing a boy my age with blue eyes, he stared at me "you're not a devil, you're a lost spirit! i know i can sense it, but nonetheless you're a wicked spririt and you suold not be allowed to do what you do, that's why i'm here to cleanse you!" i blinked my eys cleanse me what good would that do, was he a priest? i got my answer soon enough he held up a small cross "prepare to die once again Akuma!"


Wordlist O3O

Ataerareta, given

yume no tsubomi; The dream bud flourishes and looks up at the bright sky filling our hearts with a tender fragrance. I can hear the rhythm of love, it has transcended the seasons and came to see me If I whisper “I love you”, will the whole world hear it? I lowered my head in embarrassment, but you took my hand and ran!

chimamire no seishin; bloody spirit

kimisuru; to you

Akuma Engimono; demon bringer

Ningen Gisei; Human Sacrifice

Atarashi Kibo; new hope

akuma; demon

thank you very much for reading!




noté i tilfælde af foviring: i japan siger man efternavn før fornavn, som Fuko Kimisuru frem for Kimisuru Fuko som man i gør i vesten, jeg unlod denne detalje i det forige kapittel men i dette her synes jeg det var vigtigt.

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