Chimamire No seishin

Fuko Kimisuru er død hamrende træt af at hendes lillesøster får alt opmærksomheden fra hendes familie, og en aften kommer hun tal at råbe at hun ville ønske hun bare forsvandt, uheligt får Kimi, bliver hendes ønske overhørt af en ånd, som straks vil gøre det godt for kimi og skaffer en demon til at slå kimi's søster ihjel, kimi er helt knust og fatter ikke hvorfor det skete indtil hun en dag står ved sin søsters grav, og ånden dukker op foran hende og fortæller hende at det var hendes eget ønske kimi er så chokeret at hun ikke ser sig for da hun går hjem, og bliver skæbnesvangert ramt af en stor bil, kimi bliver selv til en ånd, og får at hun skal komme til at se sin lillesøster iegn bliver hun nødt til at opfylde 1000 blodige ønsker, under dækkenavnet chimamire no seishin.


3. The birth of hate

I dedicate this story to Rosa Bloody spirit; the birth of hate "prepare to die once more akuma*!" the young priest ran towards me obviously he had no idea how to fight me, he was cute in his own zealistic way, he wasn't using his head though, a trained priest would know that if you run towards a spirit you'll just pass throug the spirit like as if it was thin air, he ran through me and stopped, "what, but i thought this would work" i laughed, "oh you don't really think that'll will work on a spirit like myslef?" he rubbed his hand against the back of his head and smiled an embrassed smile "i guess not" i felt a small jab in my non exsistent heart, he was trying to steal my senses, or was i attracted to him? No that was imbossible i loved only Omoiyari* he smiled "it seems i'm not good at this" he sat down and patted on a spot on the earth "care to join me?" i nodded i drifted slowly towards him, "there's no need to be scared, i won't hurt you"i drifted a little faster, and sat down beside him, "can i touch you?" he grinned nervously, "no, i'm like smoke" i tried to sound cheerful but the fact that i was never going to really touch anyone ever again was slowly surfacing, he just nodded "must be terrible" he was interesting this one "yes, um can i ask you something priest?" he nodded "whats' your name" he looked a bit surprised "it's Kaze Aki* may i ask yours?" "chimamire no seishin*" he laughed "no silly your real name not your spirit name" i sank my real name, i didn't want to reveal it, but he revealed his so i had to "i'm Futo Kimisuru*" he grinned "kimisuru-chan that's cute!" if i had blood i would blush, "i'd better get going" he merely nodded "be safe then Kimisuru-chan" i drifed off, my non exsitent heart tumping, what kind of spell had he put on me?


"I WISH HE'D JUST DIE!" pity, that wish was bloody indeed, a 9 year old child had to give his live because of his selfish twin brother, i swept through the house, the twin destined to die slept in the next room, i drifted through the door, and looked at him, he was cute, certainly not ready to die, but his brother had wished for it, so i had to if i wanted to see Omiyari again, i bent over the sleeping boy and stroke his auburn hair gently, "i'm so sorry" i whispered it quitly into his ear, as the first tears appeared on my face, "so very sorry, that your brother wishes this" the small boy opened his eyes and looked straight into my face, he had strange eyes, one was blue and one was brown, they were somewhat mesmericing, looked around confused "i'm certain i heard something..." he shrugged and went back to sleep, my tears landed on his face, i lifted my hand "this is for you dear sister"the little boy opened his eyes again looked straight into mine then a wide smile appeared on his tiny face "you're a spirit, will you grant my wish then? i want to live forever!" he wanted to live forever, but. more tears. he couldn't he was destined to die right here right now, i stroke out my hand and ripped out his heart, "don't hate me" tears fell out of his beautiful eyes, "i won't" he fell over and he was gone, i gently placed his bloody heart on the dead body, i gave it a gentle kiss "have a safe flight" i drifted slowly out of the window, i thought i was far enough away but then it came, the scream, the scream of a mother finding her son lying dead in his own warm blood with his heart placed on his cheast and a peaceful smile on his face.

"oh bravo! you're quite the killer huh?" i turned around, it was a tall man is green eyes glowed in the twilight, "who are you?" he laughed "silly little Kimi-chan i even escaped that horrible prison just to come see you my flower" he made a small dance and ran towards me, that fool he wouldn't be able to touch me anymore. but he did touch me, he grabbed my hand and pulled me near, began smelling my hair "such a pretty little seishin* you are, i knew i made the right choice when i sealed you to earth, i gasped, he was smelly and creepy, "l-let go of me" he just thightened his grip, "oh such a delicate flower you are" i struggled i wanted to drift away, i noticed someone in the dark, a silouette about my own size, it took a step forward and was reaveled in the moon light, i felt my non existent heart skip a beat, it was Aki* "Aki-kun thank shinigami-sama it's you please help me!" but he didn't he just stood there, and Engimono Akuma* began dragging me away, "Aki-kun help me!" he didn't even twitch, just stood there with a pasive look on his face, "AKI HELP!" tears began falling out of my eyes "Aki help me!" no reaction "Aki please" i couldn't belive it, Aki turned around and left, with the same bored look on his face as before, he left me, i felt an uncontrolable anger swell inside me "I HATE YOU" some angry tears fell out of my eyes as i was turned "CURSE YOU KAZE AKI! CURSE YOU ALL THE WAY TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN!" i gsped after air and began sobbing quietly "i-i I swear i'll find you, i'll not let you do this to me!"

wordlist o3o akuma; demon Kimisuru fuko; to you, unhappiness Aki kaze; autum breeze aki; autum chimamire no seishin; bloody spirit Seishin; spirit Akuma Engimono; demon bringer uta; song


Extra: ~"Promise then" i looked at his face, he nodded "it's a promise kimisuru-chan, i'll protect you i'll do everything that stands in my might to protect you" i smiled, he was a fine boy that Kaze Aki~


Uta* time ^^

Yume wo tsubomi hiragu Mabushii sora wo aogi Mune paii hirogaru Yasashii kaori Kioeru wa Koi no rizumu Kisetsu koe Ai ni kiteme Daisuki darou sasaya itara Sekaijuu ni Kikoe chuu kana Hazuka shikute Usubu miteta Watashi no te wo tori Hayashii desu (The dream bud flourishes and looks up at the bright sky filling our hearts with a tender fragrance. I can hear the rhythm of love, it has transcended the seasons and came to see me If I whisper “I love you”, will the whole world hear it? I lowered my head in embarrassment, but you took my hand and ran!)

Thank you for reading it means alot, *bows to your highness* Belle-the-angel

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