What Happens after Death

None of us actually know, and when we do. We can't tell anyone, cause. Well, we're dead. But I will know, and like everyone else. Won't be able to tell anyone....


3. Waking in the Woods

I suddenly opened my eyes, wide open. As if I never need to or wanted to sleep. I sat up to find myself on a bed of leaves surrounded by trees. The trees pale, and almost dead. And the ground not visible, just the lifeless brown fingers of the trees. An occasional arm hanging off a tree. There bodies rising out of the ground, in random places, not in a pattern or line. Like a graveyard, nothing felt warm, and everything's frozen. The little breathing I did, was visible to the naked eye. Shaky, cold, confused, all of them I were. But also something else, scared. I didn't know where I was, or what I had to do. It was then that I realised, I wasn't wearing a hospital gown. I was wearing a long, flowing white dress. I had so many questions raging in my head, but the main one. Where the Hell am I...


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