What Happens after Death

None of us actually know, and when we do. We can't tell anyone, cause. Well, we're dead. But I will know, and like everyone else. Won't be able to tell anyone....


7. The Red Sea

Blood was the only thing I could smell, see or somehow, hear. I heard the stab wounds ooze with blood, that stained the frost on the white, frozen ground. And yet, I felt no coldness, or pain. Maybe cause my mind wasn't thinking about it. But, maybe that I've felt worst. this coldness and pain. Was nothing compared to the pain I felt, when my body was smashed at 50 miles per hour onto the hard concrete. That's why I'm here. Because, that pain. Was better then the pain I felt for the weeks before. But I don't want to think about that, not anymore. It just, kills me inside. I settled my head onto the small knives, and they pressed into my skin. And yet, I didn't feel any pain. I looked into the direction of the Sun, and I closed my eyes slowly. And a single tear escaped, to breathe into the frozen air.

I suddenly couldn't breathe, my lungs were sucked dry of oxygen. I was air choaking, as if I was a creature of the Ocean. Dragged to the shore. The blood from my body dramatically rushed out of my veins like a hose. Like the field was a bowl, the blood over layed the whole field. I became weaker and weaker. The blood started to rise, the invisible walls on the side of the fields, containing my blood. How was all of the blood coming from my body. I would be dead. Well, I know I was dead, but still. The level of the blood wouldn't stop rising. I sat up, panicing. I still couldn't breathe. My chest felt empty, as if, my lungs weren't there. The level of the blood wouldn't stop, and before I knew it. I was swimming in my own blood, like I was a creature of the Red Sea.

My arms acted like wings, lifting me higher and higher, effortlessly. I still couldn't breathe, I couldn't stop panicing. I heard a voice from behind me, it was heavenly. Like an angel had come through the blood to rescue me. I twisted my body. There was nothing there, I sighed. And the blood flooded into my mouth, and flowed down my throat like a waterfall. I could feel it travel my body, it was torture. I heard the voice again, I twisted around. But didn't see an angel. But a beautiful mermaid, her tail blood red tail, and her hair platinum blonde. She was pure beauty, nothing else could describe it. Her arms were reached out towards me, as her tail kicked her towards me. She placed her hands on my neck, and smiled. Her naturally white teeth showed, and twinkled. But then, I five points poking into either side of my neck. Her eyebrows suddenly lowered, and her smile changed into an evil laugh. And she swam backwards away from me, but not before. Riping my neck, slashing down to just above my chest. The pain was unbearable. I screamed.

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