What Happens after Death

None of us actually know, and when we do. We can't tell anyone, cause. Well, we're dead. But I will know, and like everyone else. Won't be able to tell anyone....


2. The End

It all happened very fast. I've been in a coma for a couple of weeks, and my body just gave in. But I guess it was meant to be. But Daniel was right there holding my hand, asking me to wake up. Telling me he was sorry, and how he wanted me back in his arms. I wanted to wake up, I was crying a river inside. More than a river infact, the whole ocean. I know I've always said that I wasn't scared of Death, but know I am. Because no-one knows what's gonna happen, but what scared me the most. Was knowing that I'd made a hugh mistake, and left Daniel on his own...

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