What Happens after Death

None of us actually know, and when we do. We can't tell anyone, cause. Well, we're dead. But I will know, and like everyone else. Won't be able to tell anyone....


11. Serious

Okay, one thing is for sure. I keep questioning every move or thought I make or do. Seriously, if I can't trust my own decisions, how the Hell am I going to figure how to get out of here? The key sat motionless on my palm, like me, not sure what to do or what my purpose is. It began to radiate heat from the warmth of my blood. Hey, wait a second. The blood is freezing cold, then how can it...


Everything began to fade, as a clawed fist scratched my face. My eyelids grew heavier and heavier, weighs fighting my will to see what the Hell that thing was that attacked me. Five knife like talons pierced my wrist as this creature dragged me to the bottom of the Red Sea. My arm began to dislocate, the feeling of blood bursting from me felt normal now. My hand still worked, it clung the key in my hand, feeling it dig into my skin. I turned my head in front of me, the only thing I caught a glimpse of was a pair of eyes. One blue, and the other golden.

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