What Happens after Death

None of us actually know, and when we do. We can't tell anyone, cause. Well, we're dead. But I will know, and like everyone else. Won't be able to tell anyone....


10. Answer?

A flicker of light caught my eye deeper down into the blood. My legs wound together with the scales, began kicking to escape them, to whatever is down there. It must be something, unless I've gone mad and I'm seeing things, that wouldn't surprise. The rushing of my own blood around me was the only thing I could hear, it was filling my head, making me dizzy. My eyes still blank, even though it wasn't necessary. The wetness might have supplied the moisture to my eyes, but it stung. My hair swam in different directions behind me, but still joining me downwards, towards the growing blinding light.


I was within reach of the light, who knows what it is? My hands sieved the sand that has taken the grass's place, clawing to find whatever was making that light. A cold, small, stone like object finally came into contact with my rough skin. My talons clasped around it. I didn't even look at it, I just swam but to the surface of the Red Sea. I shook the water from my ears and hair, and settled my eyes onto my hand. Just staring at my pale skin, holding within it, an object that might help me escape this Hell. My grip loosened, to revealed something I wasn't expecting. In the palm of my hand, lay a steel, almost broken Key.


Is this the answer to getting out of this World that makes me want to rip open my skin, to get out of this fake life-form. This isn't real, nothing here is. This pain, this suffering, these gills, these scars and the memories of my past life, they're worth nothing now.

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