Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I really bad at all, take the make up of my face and would I feel quite as safe?
That is the question, are we girls and boys taking ourselves for grantage, or are the big names influencing us? Maybe were not bad at all, maybe we just need to stop listening to the lies of people and the mirror. Find out in this book what your body thinks of the mask you place onto yourself every morning and every night!


1. Advantage.


Think about it. Every day you comment on my appearance: the way I look, the way my hair is styled and the way I dress. Why? You are like me and I am like you; yet you take me for and treat me like your bullying doll. As I stand here, you stand here too; I begin to think why it is so that you are consequently biased. Look at me from my view; you love me and I love you (in a friendly way) yet you still aren’t pleasant! Do you actually know what's inside though, well do you? No you just know my outer shell, my mask that i never take off because of you. You say I need plastic surgery, my hair dyeing, to lose some weight and foundation plastered all over my face.  

The other day you told me you hated me so much that you would love to kill every part of me, but is it true? Why do you do it, why are you like other people who don't appreciate me, why don't you take advantage of me, care for me for who I am and show off about my gifts and emergence? You still stand there looking at me not moving unless I do. Time goes by; the only thing that is moving is your hand trembling with fear, with a pair of scissors in them. You glance at me, not be able to cope with the thing you are about to do, the burden you are about to pile upon yourself. You are a clone, you’re a masquerade of your inner self moreover you are feeble; you can’t look at me, look at who I am. Yet, you still have no idea of who I am. I am you and you are me.

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