The Foreseen Quest

A project I have recently started and written for two people who love and adore magic. It is no where near finished and is not perfect either, but it's a start and a story that I thoroughly enjoy writing in my spare time.


3. The name is Lavy

 Raising his fist high into the air, Gemma was helpless to save her friend as the maniacal stranger they had just met prepared to kill Bethany with one swift blow. She was sure this was then end, but just then a crackling sound similar to that of electricity echoed down the dingy tunnel. It shook the walls with force, and it seemed to come closer as the sound became gradually louder. Suddenly, the cloaked man was sent hurtling backwards by a tremendous shock of vibrant, blue light and went flying several feet before colliding with the derelict wall encasing the path underground. At that moment, an elderly man hobbled passed holding another stick, not too dissimilar to that of the man who was now implanted into the face of a brick wall.   ‘This can’t be happening!’ The girls lay in disbelief of what was happening; it looked more like a scene from a film than reality. “What are you doing down here again, Twintail?” the elderly man spoke, and grew impatient when the man that was just exposed to be Twintail refused to respond. “It’s back to Tuskali for you, rodent!” Just then, he recited something that sounded like a chant and all of a sudden Twintail,, who was unable to prevent what was going to happen suddenly vanished and left his distinctive outline imprinted onto the wall. Gemma let out a sigh of relief as she glanced towards her friend, who despite her unconsciousness was relatively unharmed. Cautiously, the old man approached and stood wearily over Beth’s body that was now sprawled across the floor. He closed his eyes, and thrust the palms of his hands towards her body. With a look of concentration that was reflected in his wrinkled brow, he began to chant once more. Although, this time it was different and the air was filled with a calm, soothing atmosphere as he spoke.  Out of nowhere, a mystical force that shone with every colour of the rainbow surrounded Beth, and her limp body was lifted into the air and held in position. Lying spectator to what seemed to be a miracle, Gemma mustered the energy to stand and bear witness to something only previously believed feasible in fairytales.   Finally, the colours began to fade and Beth’s body was once again returned to the ground. However, just moments after the power that had encased her had dissipated, she stood up with no suffering or pain and turned to face Gemma. Remarkably, she was unwounded. Her face and skin looked revitalised, and her clothes that had previously become tattered and torn were now perfect. “So… What just happened?” Beth’s voice was overpowered as the man responsible for the unbelievable miracle just demonstrated began to joyfully to chuckle to himself. Stepping closer to Beth, who was still confused by what had occurred to her, he removed his hat and announced, “The name is Lavy”

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