The Foreseen Quest

A project I have recently started and written for two people who love and adore magic. It is no where near finished and is not perfect either, but it's a start and a story that I thoroughly enjoy writing in my spare time.


2. A rough beginning

  This had been a journey that both Gemma and Bethany (Or Beth, as she preferred) had been planning since they were young. Together, they were believers of far-flung fantasies and improbable dreams, and had never given up searching for the magic they possessed within. Imagination had led them to believe in the world of wands, witches and brooms and had never doubted there belief in spite of the lack of evidence.  Years had passed, and instead of their childish dreams fading and becoming weaker – they had became stronger, and more powerful. Recently, after another long, weary day at their school wishing for a more exciting existence, it had happened.

  Following their routine, the two girls often accompanied each other on the way home from the school they referred to as prison. Usually, the route leading to the main road was their preferred choice in such a… ‘Difficult’ area. However, on this particular day they decided to take the dark tunnel home, which despite being the shorter path was often avoided by most. “Eugh, it’s raining again!” Beth shrieked, as the distinct pitter-patter of rain echoed around them. She swiftly rifled through her bag; desperately searching for an umbrella to protect her newfound hairstyle. With no luck, she tugged on Gemma’s now damp jumper and pulled her into the tunnel for protection. “Beth! I’m all wet now.” Shivered Gemma as the wet clothes began to latch onto her warm body. “Anyway, we shouldn’t be here. Find your umbrella and let’s go.” Once again, Beth searched through her belongings; this time more thoroughly. To their disappointment, today was the day that she had forgotten. “Oh, just leave it! I’d rather get wet than be in here alone.” Nodding in agreement, they both quickly sped back to the entrance, when all of a sudden a deafening scream caused them to both freeze on the spot. The cry continued for a few moments, and just as it finished a great metal sheet collapsed from the ancient roof of the tunnel and blocked their escape. They both screamed in terror and then, there was silence. The entire stretch of the underpass was plunged into ebony darkness, apart from a dim light that illuminated the other end of the passageway.  “Gemma, what just happened?” Beth stuttered in fear of what had just occurred, and as they both stood afraid and alone, memories of the stories they had been told of the dark tunnel when they were young began to turn into reality. For generations, tales of shady figures and shifty deals that supposedly happened within the tunnel had made people think twice before taking the shorter path. Allegedly, there were those who entered and had gone missing for months on end. Then, those who had vanished would return with little or no memory of who they were and what had happened. Countless more myths and legends that the two girls had been witness to over the years was enough to strike terror into anyone’s heart. “I don’t know… Beth, I’m scared” Tears began to build in Gemma’s eyes, and she reached her hand out to hold her closest friend for support. It was too dark to distinguish what was hand and what wasn’t, so she extended her arm and grabbed hold of the first thing she felt. “Beth, please tell me that’s you” A tense silence filled the air, as Gemma realised that she may not be holding who she thought she was.  “Oh dear…” Out of nowhere, a deep, jagged voice sliced through the silence and exposed both Gemma’s and Beth’s worst nightmare – They were not alone. “I think you missed”. Reacting, she released her grip and hastily pulled her arm away from the origin of the voice. At that moment, two great piercing lights lit the tunnel and revealed that between the two best friends stood a tall, thin shaded man wearing what appeared to be a large tattered hat. Covering his body was a lengthy long coat that appeared to be several sizes too big as it cast a shadow over his face, making it impossible to decipher who he was.    Just as the girls attempted to run, the mysterious man grabbed them both by the abdomen and pulled them close to his body. Struggling, they fought back and almost managed an escape before he managed to wrestle them both to the ground. Despite his scrawny appearance, the man possessed unknown power that was too much for the two teenage girls to handle. Exhausted and drained of their energy, they lay panting for breath as the hooded figure stood watch from above. Once again he spoke, this time with a demand.  “Give me the book.” For a few moments there was silence as girls failed to understand what the man was after. With no energy to respond, they lay gasping for air until the man groaned again; “Did you not understand? The book, now” His voice became sharp and more forceful as he put emphasis on every word. Becoming angered by their lack of responses, the figure revealed a thick, stick-like object from his coat pocket and held it to Beth’s panting body. Keeping the object fixated towards her, he slowly turned towards Gemma and kneeled in front of her. “The book or she dies.” Wounded and in pain, she managed to utter; “Wh… What bo…book?” “I grow tired of your ignorance now. I’m afraid your lack of compliance means I’ve got no other option. Your closest friend will die unless you give me the book!” Then, there was silence once more as Gemma lacked the energy to reply. “Give it to me, NOW”

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