I Do Not Belong Part I

A boy aged of 13 called Johiah, a girl aged of 11 Haistings and there daughter and son aged 2 called Casta (girl) and Ahern (boy) what will happen (Casta and Ahern not part of the beginning).

Johiah has to leave the country for a year and Haistings has to look after her children all by herself, the thing she does not know is that there is someone after her and her children and the only person that can help them is...


4. Time To Move Out

When they were all on the cruze, Johiah and Haistings went to thier cabbin and unpacked, they did not know that there was someone waiting outside thier cabbin. They sent the evening in there waiting for all the others to come round. You were probably wondering how they got on a cruze ship when they are between eleven and thirteen, well Lucy's big sister went with them (she is ninteen).


No one came in the end so they just sat up talking for a few hours, all the time though, there was someone still listining into the conversation. Johiah went out and was attacked by the unknown man who waited outside their door. All of the assassins ame into the hall and joined in, Johiah was taken away and Haistings was all on her own.


Haistings remembered Johiah telling her about what happened to his dad and she thought it must be happening to him right now. She rushed to the cabbin of Lucy and Beth (Lucy's big sister). 

"Lucy I don't know what to do, I have just seen him taken away by assassins and I have no idea how to stop them killing him!" criend Haistings as she cuddled Lucy and Beth.

When she went back to the cabbin all her things were packed and Johiah was packing his things.

"Haistings we must go now, we are in big danger, this is why we went on holiday not so your mum wouldn't know you were having a baby but because these assassins are after me and my family and since you are having my baby that means your my family and they will be after you. I have finally found out who I am and why they are after me, they are not real assassins, they are from where I am from. I am not alien don't worry but I am a dangerous person and I must be careful, you know I would not hurt you but I will hurt them and that cold end me. We must go now I'm sorry, oh and before we go, here's a letter from your mum." Johiah babbled out.

Haistings unravelled the paper and flattened out the creases, she read the fine print.

Dear Haistings,

I trust you, be careful and this will never happen again. Make sure you stay wih them and I herd Beth went with you, I hope you stay near her. Johiah is a nice boy but don't hang around him too much because he can be a bad egg! Please don't go longer than 6 week and please tell me why especially you, if you don't you know I will panic like all mums. I trust you but you must stay safe and do stay with all of them and do not stay there too long and hopefully you will see the world just like I alway have wanted to. Please say that you will not do anyting stupid like sleep with Alfie or Jowiya ok? Good girl :)

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