I Do Not Belong Part I

A boy aged of 13 called Johiah, a girl aged of 11 Haistings and there daughter and son aged 2 called Casta (girl) and Ahern (boy) what will happen (Casta and Ahern not part of the beginning).

Johiah has to leave the country for a year and Haistings has to look after her children all by herself, the thing she does not know is that there is someone after her and her children and the only person that can help them is...


3. Lets Play Assassinate The Family

Haistings knew that Johiah wanted to get her away but she thought it was so her mother wouldn't find out that she was pregnant but the assassines would be there in a few days. She ended up taking her mother credit card and taking nearly all the money out of it. When Haistings' mother got back there was a note and her credit card on the fridge door saying,


Dear Mum, I have gone on holiday with all my my friends you know like, Lucy, Amy, Johiah and Dale. They are all good people and they will make sure that everyones safe, make sure I'm safe, well especially me because...

Well I can't tell you but as soon as I can I will. I will be on holiday, on a cruse for about 6 week but if i am not home in about 6 week that means I have expanded the holiday because I'm quite tense and I need to have a nice calm holiday with my friends. Don't worry mum I will look after myself and make sure I'm with my friends at all times, ALL times!

Your favourite child Haitings xxx


Johain and Haistings set off to the harbour to meet Haistings' and Johain's friends. It was only Johian who knew that they had to get away from the assassins, they were all blind. Johian was the first one on the cruze ship but didn't notice who was behind Haistings...


It was the assassins!

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