Forever and ever!

My friend and my poem we have entered into the love competiton! :)

A poem that decairs the love between two innocent lovers.


1. Forever and ever!

Dear my love,


     Your eyes are like the oceans,

     sparkling crystle blue, on a calm summers day;

     i'm sat in a boat, roaming the golden locks of your hair.

     In everyway, soft, silky, perfectly positioned over your flawless forehead, i say.


     Your smile is my light, when everything seems dark,

     love with you would be a walk in the park.

     I want to be noah, building the arc,

     as i pull us back, from drifting apart!


      Unfortunatly my love, the laws have stood,

      i can't be yours, just runs through my blood.

     Everyday i stare from afar,

      i just want to be there, there in your heart.


      I promise you this, with a goodnights kiss,

      tomorrow we'll be together, forever and ever!

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