Deadly dance of love

This story is about Florence Greece who never in her entire life has known love. She thinks it's a mental illness for the weak minded until she meets a certain person at her dance lessons. Who she absolutely hates for makeing her feel love. A request from my loveing fan dropdeadjodieexx ;D


3. ~WTF???~

Nearly everyone had left. All but me and mistery guy who grabbed me in the final moment. Rebecca went home with Mason. Every dance partner had to go home to each other to practice the rutine. He still had not said anything to me. 

"You could have waited for me!" He said icely. I looked at him confused.  "Nobody told me you where comeing!" I retorded. Why was he this mean? What had i done to him? When did i hurt him?? "Alright say what you want! Where do we practice?" He said avoiding to look at me. I was angry now. Why was he behaveing like this? Did i step on his foot? "Uhm we can do it at my place?" He sighed. "Fine." He said annoyed and then he mumbled something like: "low class practice room." 

"Seven don't be late, don't warm up there and don't come unprepared. Abby road 13" I gave him coldly not giving him time to answer when i stormed out the door. WTF had i done  to him to make him so cold. Mybe my instructions where to much for him and if so that gave me something to work with.

I decided to go to Rebeccas house after teksting her i deduced she and Mason where not a couple...yet. Knowing her they would be before next lesson.

When i got to her house. A question hit me. Why was i concerend what he thought of me? I don't care about him! All i have to do is dance...intensely...passionatly...with him. Nothing more nothing less. Maybe if i do a good job he will leave me alone. Rebbecca opened the door smiling. I went in.

"I mean it's not like i care i just don't understand what the f!ck is wrong with him?!" I ranted walking back and forth while she sat in her bad looking at me. "And then he says i have low class practice space! I have a hole room for dancing even with the bar for dips!" I continued she started laughing.

"What?" I looked at her. She laughed harder and i understood. I was acting like i cared. Like i was in love. I smiled and after a while listening to her angel laugh. I laughed too. We ended up rolling on the floor laughing until our stomachs hurt so much it cramped. I looked at the clock. It was six. "Shit i have to practice in an hour!" She gave me a hug. "Well go not care." She smiled i laughed and rode off on my bike.

When i got home there was a note on the table. It was from dad:


Dear Florence,

At Cindy's place for the night

Make dinner. Bye.

Tippcle dad. I made some pasta and had an apple. I went upstairs and changed clothes. Why did i do that? Did i realy care what i was going to wear? Apparently yes. I put on a blue tank top with a black cardigan. leggins with shorts over and blue leg warmers. I even put my hair in a bun. Then i went down stairs. I sat and waited for the clock to hit 7. Five minuts. 





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