Deadly dance of love

This story is about Florence Greece who never in her entire life has known love. She thinks it's a mental illness for the weak minded until she meets a certain person at her dance lessons. Who she absolutely hates for makeing her feel love. A request from my loveing fan dropdeadjodieexx ;D


9. ~The big guy~

We stepped into an all white place. Sort of hard to belive. Like walking into a dream where everything is what you want and nothing is bad. Fluffy clouds and perfect blue sky, birds chirping and a perfect half warm temerature. I coulden't help but fall into a perfect daze. Never wanting anyone to wake me up. But then a big warm hand was on my shoulder.

"Florence, so nice of you to be here." I turned towards the voice and i was certain this coulden't be any one other than God. The holy one himself. He who had created everything. He had brown shoulderlong half curly hair and a lightly tanned skin. The perfect male....No Shei is the perfect man....WAS the perfect guy. But he is just some low life son of a B!tch from som stupid cult. Stone cold bastard! 

God shook his head. "I understand your anger but you must listen. Come over here and i will tell you." He guided me towards a little garden table set. He gestured for Lucifer to sit, but he shook his head. "People to kill, bodies to torture. Florence. Until we meet again." He gave me a spine shivering smile and walked away threw the doors we came threw. God sat down next to me and out his hands on a globe on the table. 

"I know you are mad at Shei. But just look at this." Inside the globe was Shei....


He walked towards a group of people dressed in black. "Do you have the blood?" One of them asked. The voice was dry and harsh. Shei nodded. "And is she dead?" He asked again. Shei nodded and a small tear formed in his eyes. The man took the vile of my blood, Shei was holding and poured it into the couldren in the middle of the room. "The blood of true love." HE said. "You can go now. The cult is no longer in need of your aid. Shei was grabbed and thrown out  of the room. - So Shei loved me and thats why he killed me? The others wherent' in love and coulden't do it?! Sick-

Shei ran and ran until he stopped buy a gutter. A small lock of red hair was sticking out. It was my hair. That was my body. -God put his hand on my heart and whispered "i'm giving you a heartbeat" he shoved and my heart beat in slow thuds.- Shei felt my puls, felt the now slow beating heart and smiled. Tears going like waterfalls down his eyes. "I love you, and i'm so sorry." He kissed me again and i felt it even though i was long away. 



"Now you have seen the truth of your death. You are going back to life. You will not remember me. Goodbye Florence." My heart hurt, a black and white whirlpool swirled before my  eyes. I was pulled back to life...

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