Deadly dance of love

This story is about Florence Greece who never in her entire life has known love. She thinks it's a mental illness for the weak minded until she meets a certain person at her dance lessons. Who she absolutely hates for makeing her feel love. A request from my loveing fan dropdeadjodieexx ;D


11. ~Forced to dance~

"Oh well come on in i'll get Florence for you. Make yourself at home." My dad was obviously glad to see a male in my company, he has been bugging me forever to get a boyfriend.  I heard his happy heavy footsteps towards the stairs. "Florence!! Your partner Shei is here!" He yelled up the staircase, i sighed and came down knowing if i didn't dad would just come up and bug me til i did. 

"Hey Florence, ready to practice?" He asked smiling.

What was i supposed to do? Tell dad that Shei tried to kill me? Did he have another knife with him to kill my dad  too? What could he think of? My dad had a gun, did he know? Could he just take the knife in the kitchen and masacer if i didn't say yes?

The grim smile on his face didn't promise anything good. "Oh...uhm...i." I coulden't say anymore until dad came up behind me with his jacket and shoes on, apparently going to Cindy. "She would love too, right honey?" It was not a question. "See ya kids, have fun." He walked out as if nothing was going on, completely ignorant to the person he walked by was a killer.

"Thanks." Shei said closing the door behind dad.

"Let me explain!" He said as soon as the door was closed , he grabbed my arm, tight. "2 min!" I said. He sighed and smiled, i don't even know why i said that!


Too late to recant. "I didn't want to kill you but only true loves blood could be used for..something far gone now, i promise i will never hurt you again if you just let with you." He said, for some reason i felt the urge to run into him and smolder him with kisses.

WHAT?! What the hell am i thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I pulled back and looked him in the eyes, that son of a bitch even looked sincere. He took my hand and led me into the dance hall. 

With fluid moments he led me around, and i understood the dance term, rag as a doll. 

I don't know what to think, what to do, i don't even know how to react. The two parts of me fought inside of me in a battle of to love him or to smack i did both...

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