Life’s too precious.

Martin wants his dream to come true more than anything, he would even die for it. Can martin let down his mother for his desire or will he let down his life?


8. A new life.

*** Everything went silent; I was no longer hearing the distressing clamours furthermore I wasn’t seeing anything that made me scared. I had no insight of what had occurred but I took pleasure in where I was at the moment. A field had formed in front of me, daisies scattered around me as I just lay here; painless, free to do what I like, the fresh gentle wind swept across my face in addition to long the light grass tickling my fingertips. I know this must be a dream although I never wanted it to end. I tried my hardest not to wake up although I didn't. One thing I missed though, one thing that I wished was with me forever. My mum, the one who paid attention to every word I alleged, fort through thick and thin for me except, I ignored her advice. I no longer felt angry with what she said about that gang however now she was gone, perhaps forever, I missed her on the other hand I couldn’t leave this gentle place. I couldn’t do anything wrong here, I felt safe, no longer alone excluding my mum not being here though. I start to think about her once more in addition to the way I chose my way of living and lost it completely, now do you see why life’s too precious?  

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