The fountain of dreams.

Have you ever wondered if myths could be true? ever thought about the the theory 'good things come to those who wait'? But what if you can't wait any longer?


1. The fountain of dreams.

Love - “An intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness and regard towards a person or thing.”


How do we know when were in love? You cant hear it, you can’t smell it and you certainly can’t touch it. It’s a feeling inside of us, well so they say, but how do you actually know when you’re in love? Its impossible to tell, but I want it.


All through my childhood years I’d heard tales about it. And yes, I had experienced love, or what I thought was love at the time. I dreamed of my perfect man, these dreams were idyllic. Standing in the rain, his hand around my waist, his fingertips brushing past my cheek. Gorgeous brown eyes gleaming at mine, falling deeply into them, into his world. I’d see him glancing at my lips, eager to kiss me, and then he’d lean in and softly kiss me. Butterflies would flutter around my tummy and the fireworks would start, but then I’d wake up and be back in reality. Cold dull reality.


I still have these dreams now, turning 22 next month, I’m desperate to meet the right man. Being a shy girl, I skipped the parties and concentrated on my studies, which is where I went wrong. If only I had stood out more. I may have come across my perfect man, but had sadly missed him. Believing in wishes and luck, I checked my daily love horoscope.


“Now is a good time to take action when it comes to love. Stop hiding in the backgrounds and make new exciting plans and decisions. Put all your energy into something, never give up and just be yourself! Maybe even give yourself a break, you deserve this.”


It was obvious what I must do, I must fly to Rome. The city of love. I booked the tickets right away and packed my bags. Before I knew it, I was stepping off the aeroplane, the warm sun beating down on me.


Trevi Fountain, the most beautiful historic feature of Rome. It was breathtaking, almost magical. I’d heard myths about people throwing three coins into the water and knew I had to try for myself. What did I have to lose? Holding the coins in my right hand, I turned my back to the fountain, I tightly closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Tossing the coins over my head, I bubbled with excitement. And I had every reason to be.


Opening my eyes, a tall dark stranger stood ahead of me. “so your looking for love?” He whispered...  

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