Death by love

What happens when on valentines day, your love murders a man? What happens when he beats you until you suffer fatal concussion? Your life gets lost to love.
A short story showing the desparation of a girl,living a very real valentines day.


1. valentines day

Dear diary,

valentines day cungers up the sickly sweet, hot to touch, hard to say feelings that really everyone feels alot of the time; they just never get an oppurtunity to say it. It's a time when the world seems such a warm place, and forgivness and exeption is on everyones mind. A time when 'I love you' is uttered, shouted, said and whipered more times than all the stars on clear night. But then desire comes crashing through riding it's high horse of greed and despare. Before you know it your life flashes by on a whirlwind of crisp devastation. It's the same with any disturbed love people long to share on valentines day. Their black souls, haunted and itching to tear flesh away from storybook tales,so they can drink the blood of a darker kind. A love that smothers you and strips raw your heart strings. A love that's excruciating to feel and yet everytime you turn away it taps you on the back.


I put the pen down quivering and shaking with the effort to control my racing heart. I folded the piece of paper and slipped it into view on the mantle place, praying someone would see it. The knife glinted out of the corner of my eye. It was time to finish what he started. It was his turn to be tapped on the back.

a few years earlier.....

"Jack what are you playing at?" my voice was irretable, as i waited alone in the dark. I listened. "Jack?". I can't believe he'd do this to me on valentines day. I peered into the gloom of my bedroom, and past the door expecting to see his smug face as he lit the candles on a suprise. Nothing but the broken slithers of moonlight dancing across the landing met my eyes. Now I began to let the seathing corners of my ego run wild in my mind, "Come annie, let's face it your not the best card in the pack" "You know this is his way of saying goodbye, I mean he probably has another girl waiting for him outside." Stop it, stop it. I clambered off my bed and crept onto the landing and down the stairs. A strip of light from under the kitchen door beamed across the hallway, and as i approched I heard desperate whispers ecoing from inside...."your not really going to do it are you jack, I mean think of annie. I thought you said she would never have to be involved with any of this? It's your choice and you know it"

"What choice kevin? Because to be quite frank, I'm going to pull this trigger if you don't hand it over to me right now" Silence.

I couldn't bare to listen anymore. My heart hammered inside my chest so hard I couldn't breath, and my legs gave way so I was cowering In the shadow of the porch. It was like I was in some kind of nightmare,one that you only see in movies and laugh at because it's so unreal. I touched my forhead and relised I was sweating, and there was blood trickling down my face where I had failed to save myself from the edge of a nail in the skirting boards when i fell.  I slid away into the living room where I knew Father kept a collection of knives. The air was thick with unease, as I battled with myself to stay calm and pick up a knife. This was stupid. Nothing could happen and perhaps I just misherd a silly argument. It was too late though, I heard the muffled explosion of a gun and the kitchen door being opened. In a last act of despare I tried to hide behind the sofa, but again I was seconds too late. I was numb as he dragged me from behind the sofa, I was numb as he stripped me and showered me with abuse, and I was numb as I felt myself drift away.

I don't remember when I was found, but I know that as I lay on the hopital bed in the intensive care unit, I heard a nurse talking to my mum as she wept. I can't think what the convosation was about but as she left she turned and looked at me with the upmost sadness and declared, " Death by love , my dear, death by love."

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