One life,
one girl,
one man,
one murder,
it's time for facedeath...


1. Facedeath




    A young girl 15 years of age called esmee-may-bailey, came home from her normal day from her normal school and sat in her normal bedroom picked up her dell laptop. Typed in her email and password into the box and she saw she had 1 friend request. “ooo!” she exclaimed “I never get friend requests” It was Ryan baker a friend’s cousin from her school. She accepted with no thought. Finally she had 100 friends! A little box popped up within a second;

Ryan baker: hi   

Esmee-may-bailey: helloo do I know you??  

Ryan baker: yup I’m Bradley bakers’ cousin he goes to your school  

Esmee-may-bailey: o yehhh   

Ryan baker: you’re well pretty in your pic yanoo  

Esmee-may-bailey: awhh, thankyoo  

Everyday she would look forward to talking to him, always saying more about her life, where she lived, what’s she’s wearing and what’s she had been up to. She felt amazing he made her feel special. Until he sent a message on Saturday morning!  

Ryan baker: wanna meet up?  

Esmee-may-bailey: sure where?  

Ryan baker: McDonalds?  

Esmee-may-bailey: okay, when?  

Ryan baker: this afternoon 1:00?  

Esmee-may-bailey: okay, see you then bubi   

Ryan baker: in a bit   

As she walked along the road in her: favourite jeans and brand new top, make-up done perfectly, hair nice, she walked into McDonalds looked around and sat at the table in the corner by the window. She couldn’t see anyone who looked like Ryan. He is late she thought to herself. Then a man came through the door into McDonalds, looked about and she thought he was looking at her, he started to walk towards her smiling as he did. Esmee tried to get up before he came any closer but she couldn’t move, she was stuck!

“don’t move” he said as he sat down.

She looked at him in horror “wh wh where’s Ryan? She stuttered

“I am Ryan” he said.

She stood up from her chair and ran, everyone in McDonalds turned around and looked at her running away wondering what was going on, she ran outside into the car park she turned around and saw he was getting closer

“go away!” she shouted at him but he did not listen she ran across the road carelessly onto the construction site went through the metal gates over a pile of mud tripped at the bottom and landed on her face. She lay there not opening her eyes, to scared to see what he was doing to her...  

She ran, she never looked back, she just kept on running and running...

Hours past...

They went into esmee’s room, she was lying on her bed.

“esmee,” her mum said “the police need to speak to you, they say your were being followed into the construction site with a 54 year old man?”

 Esmee wiped her face.

She stood up pulling down her top and pushed herself downstairs  

They took her away in a police car, took her into a room and asked her lots of questions then finally put her into a cell  

She denied, Got locked up inside, 20 years they gave her, She should of said It was to save her Instead she lied Everyday she cried And wish he hadn’t of died Because at her wise she would be outside But she loved him you see Ryan baker was her baby She wait inside Trying to hide This is an end of a terrible story And it all ended very gory!

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