is love just hate when shared with a devil

a poem


1. just one i wrote

dwelling upon the silence and the rope around her neck, beholds the psychotic scars of such a beautiful reck, within blankets of darkness that lay over life to gloom, cries of chaotic minds speak the secrets of live's that doom, deep behind sadened eyes that spill sorrows like the sea, all i am now, what has became is lost in fright like we the tormenting succubus in demonic posession, such wonder that hunts or follows to feed on depression phantasm of adolescent desire shall be weaved now wishing death would dawn upon life to leave its head bow dellusional pathways eroding as evil kills hope but alone and forgotten humanity shall not cope allowing suicide before only temptation builds comitting massacres to show burning terrors are chilled, while succeeding with it's actions and doing it for him he feels like a monster has murdered him from deep within, it's a fight between the sanity or insanity can't remember life before worth nothing no vanity it's progressing through him,lifeless forms no emotion focussing on controlling power he showed devotion, he is no longer living a weakened body brainwashed, something superirior inside him posessing, squashed he has no will he is dangerous, uncontrollable, convulsing during sobs, a weak body, unsociable and them wild savagous eyes give a powerfull warning the newest member to hell a reason to be mourning.

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