12 days of christmas.

My short story for the love competition :) <3 x

Sam hates the one holiday everyone should love! Chrismas is about holiday cheer and spending some time with the family but something in her life changed all of that. She recieves something that she sees as a gift and could change her views on christmas, forever!


14. Wise eyes.

It is Christmas and I went out for a long walk with Mac, we were both in silence, wasting Christmas day so it would be over quicker. We came back home and just as I took my coat off my apartment door buzzes, I don’t even see who it is, I just let them in and put the kettle on. “You and Helen have fallen out?” I knew who it is by their worrying tone and then fact it is not Helen. “Why did she tell you David? Been talking behind my back have you?” I bawl “No, she’s been crying, and hasn’t stopped, she says I'm the only person she can talk to now you have fallen out with her!” “Oh, here we go.” I say sarcastically. “She has just lost her boyfriend!” “I have just lost my mum!” I admit quietly. “I know and I'm sorry,” David walks closer to me, holds me tight in a hug as I cry at the mistakes I had made, the biggest one, losing my best friend, “you need to talk, for as long as I have known you, you both have been great friends and you can’t let silly things come between you.” I pull away from David, “I need to see her, let yourself out and I’ll talk to you later.”

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