12 days of christmas.

My short story for the love competition :) <3 x

Sam hates the one holiday everyone should love! Chrismas is about holiday cheer and spending some time with the family but something in her life changed all of that. She recieves something that she sees as a gift and could change her views on christmas, forever!


10. The big apple.

I get home and it is quiet without Mac, I ring Helen and tell her of what Maria’s desire is for me to do. “New York,” She screeches down the phone “Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the um... you know, the park place!” “Central Park?” I correct “Yes!”  “So what do you say?” “I would say I'm already packing!” Helen expresses excitedly “Okay, meet me at the train station, down Central Six and we will go to Heathrow airport by train, I’ll book the tickets now and we will go today, okay?” I inform Helen “Do it then, and stop wasting time!” Helen encourages I quickly book all the tickets needed and we begin our journey to New York. Stepping out of the bright yellow taxi, I spin around, looking at the sky, well what I can see of it, well not the sky, just the tall bright buildings that cover the sky. It is late and dark but everything is lit up, bright, colourful and Christmassy. “She would have loved it here, Maria, she loved big cities.” I begin to choke up again but I stop and me and Helen link arms to go to our hotel to get ready for an early start. We wake up so early that we shove anything we had thrown into our suitcases on and get ready to go and see the bigger world. We saw everything from the Statue of Liberty right down to Central Park, which was covered in ice and snow as it is still winter and nearing Christmas. We stop off at a cafe which is nothing like our usual Cherri's Cupcakes place, but we were too tired to carry on so we agreed to have some dinner and catch a taxi home. “You’re a good sister you know Sam.” “I try my best; I just wish she could have seen it for herself.” I say without crying again. “She can see it, you know what she said.” I look at Helen with a confused expression, which must have been funny because it made her giggle. “I will always be there,” she points to my heart and I look down, “in your heart.” “I know.” I nod and give her a caring smile, so it does not make the moment so sad. We both ordered a salad and a glass of wine and then made our way back to the hotel in one of the bright yellow taxis. We fell asleep almost as soon as we got to our room.  

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