12 days of christmas.

My short story for the love competition :) <3 x

Sam hates the one holiday everyone should love! Chrismas is about holiday cheer and spending some time with the family but something in her life changed all of that. She recieves something that she sees as a gift and could change her views on christmas, forever!


11. Mufasa is dead!

There is 3 days until Christmas, I and Helen go to see the Lion King on Broadway. Mufasa dies and I and Helen are on the edge of our seats, even though we have both watched the film back home. I am troubled when my phone starts to ring and it is my mum. “Sam.” Helen murmurs “It’s my mum, but she knows I'm in New York so why would she...” I run out, taking the call as I go. Helen runs after me and we both reunite outside, it is dark, rainy and cold. The news qualms me. I thought it was a joke at first but then I knew, I knew it wasn’t. Our adventure is cut short. We arrive home. And I go to my mum’s house. It is gloomy, cold. I stand next to the window of Maria’s room and drop to the floor. Leaning in the corner of the room, I cry once more. I couldn’t believe it. My mum had died!  

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