12 days of christmas.

My short story for the love competition :) <3 x

Sam hates the one holiday everyone should love! Chrismas is about holiday cheer and spending some time with the family but something in her life changed all of that. She recieves something that she sees as a gift and could change her views on christmas, forever!


4. A problem shared is a problem halved.

After buying bags of clothes, shoes, make-up and jewellery we stop off at the coffee shop that we went to this morning and have a cappuccino each. The café is a modern place to sit down and have a coffee; it has pink curtains and white window frames, walls, tables and chairs, it has a white wooden door too which gives it a homely feeling. On the front it has the letters of the name, Cherri’s cupcakes, which are pink and glittery and slanted to different sides to make it have a unique look to it. The cafe is mostly for women but occasionally you see a few men walk in and look around as if they are out of place and they know it, but they just grab a coffee and leave. The women are mostly in twos or threes, on tables spread around the cafe, they talk about their lives, children mis-behaving, husbands not obeying and the fact that they haven’t had a big night out in years! While sitting on a table for two, occasionally sipping the cappuccinos’, we talk about anything and everything making sure we both do not feel awkward after what had happened in the office. “So...”Helen says “So...” I cite “Are you okay now?” I gently nod, not giving her eye contact but looking at the table as if the pen is there too. Helen puts down her coffee and grabs my hands, cups them in her own, they are cold and pale but still make me feel safe. “Do you want to talk about it Sam, you never have told me why you hate Christmas and I have known you for a while now.” Pulling my hands away I look out of the window, it is winter, a dark and cold morning. Frost covers the corners of the window and people are rushing around, unconscious of anything but themselves. “It was... um Christmas, obviously,” still looking out of the window I chuckle slightly and nervously, “and I um... woke up, ready to open my um... presents with... with my sister, Maria,” I stop for a second, it suddenly felt as if the whole world had gone silent, listening to my story I have never told anyone, my eyes start to fill up with tears again, I look at Helen then quickly back at the table to focus on the invisible pen and avoid eye contact with her worrying look. “I went into her room, my sisters, and humph... well... she died, my um... mum was with her, um... crying and um... cradling her, cancer.” I faintly nod and wipe away any tears on my face that were dropping onto the table; I then continue to look out of the window as civilization continues around me. “I’m sorry, I... I now know why you never wanted to talk about it.” Helen comments back “Its fine, I think I’m going to go home, get some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I swiftly say while picking up my bags and getting ready to go and hide away for a while. “Oh... okay, well this party,” Helen starts, “forget it, I’ll do it, you just chill out okay?” “No, its fine, I can do it, it’s about time I do something other than talk to that dog of mine.” I quote “His name is Mac, not dog.” We both laugh, hug and depart from each other, Helen goes left and I go right, we walk slowly to start and both turn back, smiling to each other and then carry on walking, blending in like the other people in our city.  

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