12 days of christmas.

My short story for the love competition :) <3 x

Sam hates the one holiday everyone should love! Chrismas is about holiday cheer and spending some time with the family but something in her life changed all of that. She recieves something that she sees as a gift and could change her views on christmas, forever!


6. A brand new day.

“Buzz... buzz buzz...” I wake up with a startle. I look at the clock on my wall; it indicates it is half 8 and I jump out of bed. Grabbing my dressing gown on the way out of my room I head towards the flat’s door. Mac is jumping up at the door; barking and making so much noise I could no longer hear the buzz of the visitor bell. It is Helen and I let her in, leaving my door slightly open I go back into my room to get dressed. I pick up my dress from my chair, its pink lace, the arms are just lace but the body of the dress has silk behind it. “Sorry, did I wake you?” Helen asks as I walk into the room, she is wearing a gold dress, the body is straight and the sleeve reaches the elbow, ruffled at the shoulder. “No,” I lied, not looking directly at her in case she could see I was lying, “are you ready?” We had been cooking all day. And the work finally paid off, everyone turned up and is having a great time. “Wow Sam, you did well. You were okay with doing this though weren’t you?” the voice I recognise, I turn to make sure the face fits. “Thank you David and yes, fine.” We both smile, and there is a moment where I feel like we are the only two people in the room, he takes my hand and I move closer to him... “Excuse me, thanks.” We were interrupted by a tall woman who had been trying to get past us since we started talking, we both look away sharply and awkwardly, she shoves in between us which forces David to lean against the wall, knocking the photo of me and Maria off. The moment seems slow, for a second I forgot about the party, I drop to my knees and pick up the photo. David goes to get something to clean the glass up and Helen rushes over to me to see if I am okay. Everything goes silent.  

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